Are you constantly over-thinking?

You open fifty tabs in 2 minutes while your mind runs around shouting in your ear like a drunken monkey?

Can monkeys shout?

You’ve over-achieved/ perfectionised/ over-analysed your way through life thus far? And then suddenly you’ve found yourself at a cross-roads where you’re not 100% sure what the next step in your life is?

Your mind is exploding with indecision as it whips itself into a ball of background-inner-turmoil that no amount of Movenpick will disguise? You actually seem to be getting LESS clear on which direction to take as time goes on?

You’ve started to feel stuck, in a rut, a bit directionless, like you’re treading water, just staying afloat but not really moving forward as time snowboards past you at a rate of knots?

You want to make some changes but you can’t be 100% sure which path to step onto next?

So instead you move backwards, diagonally, and side to side.

But it’s just not as fun as line dancing.

Your mind is getting more and more erratic. You find it hard to focus on one task at a time. You might even be starting to lose motivation and energy. You sometimes lie awake at night overthinking the day, your to do list, your future, and what to have for dinner three nights from now.

Frustrated conversations replay themselves over and over in your mind. The simple pleasures of life seem to have faded into a slight sense of numb daily-grindness.

You’re worried that in 5 years time you’ll still be stuck on this hamster wheel going nowhere but crazy.

I can help you.

You’d really just rather get back to being the person that says HELL YES I know what I’m doing with my life!

You want to be the charismatic person that overflows with enthusiasm so that people want to high five you at all times.

The type of person who leaps out of bed with zest, shouting


You’d love to be able to make your mind chill the f out so you can switch off and enjoy doing the things you love without any guilt or distraction.

You’d love to be so busy being passionate about awesome shiz that you have absolutely zero time to agonise over what others think.

You’d love to feel CLEAR on your direction so that you can confidently make decisions that see you travelling to exotic destinations; quitting your job to find one that makes you radiate sequins; or being all bold and pulling the moves on a hot babe.

And a bit of focus and drive wouldn’t go amiss.

This is what Bloody Good Life 101 is all about. 

I used to be exactly where you are.

In short; my former cynical, pessimist, architecture-graduate self decided to branch out of my stressy, bored life and go looking for some better answers. As a high achiever, I knew loads about being successful, but nothing about how to live a bloody good life.

I went on a big ol’ worldwide mission to find out what makes happy people happy, what makes top CEOs and entrepreneurs make it big in the world, and how inspiring people get so inspired.

The various things I picked up changed my life completely, and they change the lives of everyone who joins me in Bloody Good Life 101.

It’s lots of fun!

It’s all about training your mind in a very special (bloody good) way that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’ve read this far, you know you’re stuck, and even though your mind tells you that you HAVE to work it out by yourself, something in you knows that you’ve already tried that and it isn’t working. THINKING about it is what got you into this mess in the first place.

Don’t over think this too

Book in for a free half hour chat with me and I’ll help you get clear

I have some answers you’ve never even considered. They changed my life and they’ll change yours too! I’ll teach you to train your mind in a way that you never thought possible.

Don’t waste any more time treading water.

I have four spots left in August at my current rates, after that they’re going up. Again!

Supply and demand, I need to charge more so I can coach less and have time to work on some exciting new projects that are in the pipeline! Oh, and have time for my own Bloody Good Life too!

Still on the fence?

Let’s have a chat and we’ll work out what’s best for you.

(I’ve got your best interests at heart, I promise. I don’t work with everyone, I’m currently fully booked until August so I have the luxury of only choosing to work with the people that I know I can help the most. It has to be good for both of us. I can unbiasedly help you get clear on that.)

Book here

In the words of Rikki-Lee:

“Do it, do it, do it!”

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Keen to work with me 1:1 and get clear on what you want and how to get out of your own way? I have a few spots coming available over the next few months!

Check the BGL 1:1 mentoring program and book a free chat with me here.

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Keen to work with me 1:1 and get clear on what you want and how to get out of your own way? I have a few spots coming available over the next few months!

Check the BGL 1:1 mentoring program and book a free chat with me here.