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An unexpected knock at my door

Friendships, Happiness & Fulfilment

Last week New Secret Man and I were in the kitchen, cooking and dancing to Dreadlock Holiday (me dancing, NSM cooking) when we heard an unexpected knock at the door.

It was past curfew, and we’re still in lockdown in Melbourne. We both looked at each other quizzically.

I just wanted to use the word ‘quizzically’. It turned out to be an Uber Eats bloke. I sent him away to my neighbour who frequently seems to order pizzas to my house by accident.

A few minutes later, Uber Eats Bloke returned –

“It is for you, he said. It’s from your friends Em and Jen.”

I grinned. A present!

Inside our paper bag we found two huge tubs of extravagantly flavoured Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Marshmallow chocolate fish and potato chips (yes… in ice cream!?) and all sorts of other weird and wonderful flavours mixed together.

NSM grinned extra when we discovered that one had cookie dough in it,

so he could have it all to himself (every now and then there are perks to dating a coeliac… mostly not!)

I could not wipe the grin off my face all night – such a simple act, yet it completely made our day.

I’ve since heard quite a few people in Melbourne are getting “we’re thinking of you in lockdown” gifts from people around Australia and NZ who are taking a pause from their extreme levels of freedom to think of us Melbournians still stuck in a never-ending 5km radius cage, and it’s SO BLOODY LOVELY!

This is a wee reminder that random acts of kindness will brighten your day and the day of someone else, you can’t lose!

Think of someone who you can send some love to and get on to it!

Shoot them a quick text with something you love about them, or a card, or some flowers, or some unexpected Uber Eats!

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