Do you find yourself putting things off, procrastinating?

Are you struggling to find motivation? Putting down one task to pick up the next? And then nipping off to stare into the fridge? And then getting pissed off with yourself. Sort of like your life isn’t fully in your control?

Are you worrying about the future?

Lacking direction?

Do you have trouble making decisions, big and small? Do you feel like life is happening around you while you try to decide where to go from here? Do you feel a niggling sense of indecision-anxiety hovering in the background?

Do you feel like you’ve lost the balance between work and bloody good life? Do you find it hard to pinpoint what makes you leap out of bed with enthusiasm?

Are you finding it harder to focus these days?

Are you becoming more forgetful? Do you have trouble switching off your mind chatter? Do you overthink things? Do you wish you knew how to stop your mind from spiralling into negativity? Is work stress is on your mind far too often?

Are you a bit unfulfilled at work? Not ecstatic about what you’re doing but not sure what on earth to do instead?

Do you feel a bit like life is biking past you? You have all these nifty dreams, but they keep getting put in the someday/one day basket while you get All The Other Things done first.

Except when you think about it, All The Other Things seem to have become your entire life.

There’s not much time in your life to just focus on YOU anymore.

Are you keen to:

Get leap-out-of-bed enthusiasm for Monday mornings?
Work out your direction in life so you can banish that background indecision-anxiety?
Get motivated to do more of the good stuff in life? Book a trip to Bali? Get those niggling tasks done so you can lie in a hammock and sip a margarita completely guilt free?
Learn how to tell your mind to calm the f down so that you handle stressful situations with ease? Clear up some space in your mind so you can spend more time thinking about babes and sex and holidays?
Would you love to be a pro at making the big decisions? And the small ones? And all the in-between ones which cause you strife.
It’s time to make some time for LIFE in your life!

And have fun doing it. With me!!

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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.