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I met Bloody Good Bloke’s Family!

Making Decisions & Finding Passion

Bloody Good Bloke and I arrived in Byron Bay last night after a busy week in Sydney meeting BGB’s ginormous (7 sibling!) family (more on that here) and running a corporate mindfulness workshop for Accenture (woohoo!)

Twas my first in-person workshop since Covid turned our lives into an upside-down Zoom fiesta. How good are people IRL?! Pst – if you think your workplace could do with a mindfulness or stress reduction workshop (or 7), (in person in Aus or on Zoom/ Teams internationally), let’s chat! Email me here.

March gave me a bit of a fright! To be honest I thought it was still December.

BGB and I are working from this ridiculously beautiful balcony today, and the lizard that ran by just now reminded me to let you know that π = 3.141592… Also that the 21% new years sale is ending this Friday, because, good god, it’s already March!

My 1:1 coaching spots have been snaffled up (there are just 2 spots left – cliquez-ici to check out the Bloody Good Life 1:1 coaching program and book in for a free chat with me!)

Meanwhile loads of you are kicking off your new year in style with Bloody Good Life D.I.Y too!

Use the coupon code 21ISBETTERTHAN20 to get 21% off before the sale ends as abruptly as BGB and I escaped Victoria when the third lockdown was announced!

Both the 1:1 and D.I.Y. versions of the Bloody Good Life program are designed specifically for indecisive, busy people who will likely find themselves nodding at some of the below…

  • Your mind feels so full of STUFF

  • You’re indecisive about your direction. And what to have for dinner
  • You don’t have as much energy as you used to. You spend the daydreaming of bed, sweet bed
  • You feel like something is missing, no matter what you achieve
  • You kick yourself for not having enough willpower to stick to your goals. Who put that Snickers in my trolley?
  • You wake up and press snooze til you’re later than late (even now you’re working 10 feet from your bed)

  • You easily lose motivation and end up procrastinating. A quick Insta break turns into an hour-long scroll.

The much loved Bloody Good Life program will give you…

  • The confidence & clarity to say HELL yes I know what I’m doing with my life!
  • The ability to make your mind chill the f%*k out so you can switch off after work

  • The willpower to follow through on your goals so that you look back on 2021 with pride
  • Charisma & leap-out-of-bedness so you can put more energy into your friendships and relationships
  • The tools to ditch the overthinking so you can get so much more joy out of day-to-day life
  • The clarity to fill your life with so much awesome shit that you’ve no time to compare your life to others

Head over here to check out Bloody Good Life 1:1 (The life-changing BGL program + 4 months of coaching with me)

Head over here to check out Bloody Good Life D.I.Y. (the 10-week do-it-yourself version of the program)

Pst — for some handy tips to help your mind calm the fuck down so you don't jitter through your day like an anxious hamster, download the free g-book here: How to Stop a Bad Day in its Tracks. It’s free, and brill.

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