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How to escape a life of “should”

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On one of our early dates, Bloody Good Bloke turned to me and asked about what I actually do in my business.

…I immediately became a bit flustered

as I tried to explain the crux of my work without going into toooooo many verbal paragraphs and confusing the bejaysus out of him.

The gist of it, I told him, is that I teach indecisive, busy people how to:

A. Let go of overthinking and self-doubt so that they have the confidence to get unstuck and go after what they want without questioning themselves into a never-ending circle of stuckness.

and B. Get back in tune with their gut instinct so they can start to feel deeply fulfilled and content in their lives (rather than grin-and-bearing their way through a life of “shoulds”).

I do this, I told him as he sat looking bemused, by running in-person workshops on overcoming self-doubt in the UK, NZ, and Australia (well… less of the in-person since Covid!), teaching mindfulness to medical students and academics at Monash University, running corporate workshops, coaching a small number of 1:1 clients, and through my two well-loved online programs, Bloody Good Life D.I.Y. and Nail Your Values & Passions.

Naturally, I dropped in that I’ve run workshops for Accenture, Deloitte, MYOB, BMW, ExxonMobil, Electrolux, and Swatch Group, among others – y’know, so he’d know that I’m really bloody good at what I do… kinda like how I’m not-so-slyly letting you know that right now?! ;)

Sheesh. After 9 months together, I suspect he’s still mildly baffled about exactly what I do.

In other news, WTF, the time has come unexpectedly soon for February to wave us farewell and leave us in the capable hands of March.

Which means that A, I’m now working from Byron Bay with a series of ants climbing over my foot.

And B, now is the most excellent time to check out our life changing programs and really kick 2021 into gear!

Like I told BGB, I’ll teach you the epic Bloody Good Life skills to tune into your gut instinct, and to let go of overthinking and self-doubt so you can go after what you want without drowning in a sea of shoulds.

I can bang on all I like about how life-changing these programs are, but I might just let these fab women tell you instead…

???? “I was struggling with repetitive feelings of negativity.

OMG, BGL has been amazing! Andrea is so inspirational and has given me an understanding that no book has ever managed to do. I am now so much kinder to myself!” – Fay, UK

???? “I am a lot calmer overall, able to let go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions, my relationship has improved, and I’m feeling more happiness! EVERYONE would benefit from BGL! This was an amazing, life-changing experience!” – Heather, UK

???? “I felt really stuck with a couple of big decisions, and like I was going through the motions of life.

I was ‘busy’ all the time, but chronically procrastinating and increasingly frustrated at myself because of it. I’m now procrastinating less, calmer, and feeling significantly more creative & inspired!” – Sally, NZ

???? “I hated making decisions, I couldn’t stay focused on a single task, and I wanted to enjoy my kids more.

I got so much more out of BGL than I ever imagined. BGL helped me immensely with overwhelm, I’m enjoying my kids a lot more, I’m a much happier person already! I don’t think there is a person alive that would not benefit from BGL!” – Tiffany, NZ

???? “I was sceptical BGL would work for me… but it transformed my life! It got me out of my destructive thought patterns, the constant headaches & anxiety has stopped, and I’m a happier person! Andrea’s approach is so practical, relatable, down-to-earth, funny, and totally non-judgemental which made this course a joy.” – Lucy, Ireland

Head over here to check out Bloody Good Life 1:1 (The life changing BGL program + 4 months of coaching with me)

Leap over here to check out Bloody Good Life D.I.Y. (the 10 week do-it-yourself version of the program)

or nip over here to check out Nail Your Values & Passions (the 3 module do-it-yourself course for finding what will REALLY bring you fulfillment)

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