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Bumble dating, Earl grey martinis, and 15th wheeling: an update

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Oops, I paused blog writing and leapt off social media to do a bit of grieving of the end of my lovely relationship with Bloody Good Chap, while also teaching myself to make earl grey martinis,

AND prematurely dipping my toe into the land of Bumble dating as a distraction…

Then before I knew it, bam, I found myself counting down the new year at a party with seven couples, four babies, and me. 15th wheel, who’d have thought it was possible to be so deeply single so suddenly!

And now, inexplicably, we’re a week into 2020.

I made some scary, life changing decisions at the end of 2019, and I’ve decided I need to keep the courage up in 2020.

Instead of having a new years resolution, I prefer to have a word that I want to focus on for the year.

Primarily because, like most of us, I’m horrendous at sticking to new years resolutions.

In 2017 I resolved to eat less cheese and failed 14 hours into January.

In 2019 I went to a 12RND boxing gym with the intention of becoming a regular HIIT/gym goer. I was so excited, I was FINALLY going to get good at squats. I bought stickers to track my progress. I kicked off January with a few gung-ho sessions, nearly died, bought a 10 session pass, used one of them, felt physically sick for the rest of the day because I was too unfit, and then never returned. So that went well.

Consistency and I are not mates.

And yes, you’re right, I’ve completely forgotten what my word for last year was. I have a feeling it might have been non-judgement, but I can’t say for sure.

I hope it was, because I definitely became less judgemental last year, even towards people who hurt me. So lets say that was it.

My word for this year is THRIVING. Or maybe ALIVE, because thriving is a bit of an annoying word. As a random guy on Bumble said, inexplicably, “even weeds thrive”. Thanks mate. Anyway.

Thriving and aliveness for me mean I have no choice but to live with COURAGE.

Sheesh. So that’s 3 words really. I’m going to focus on doing things that make me feel really alive – thrivingly alive, not just survivingly alive, ya know?

You know that zingy feeling you feel when you’re all lit up and excited about life?

After many years of experimentation, I know more or less what I need to do to make myself feel on fire, at least a fair bit of the time.

But do I do it consistently? No, I bloody don’t.

I frequently do the opposite.

Grab a pen and paper now and write down all the things that you know make you feel most alive? Or let me know below!

How often do you do those things? Let’s try and add a dash more of those things into 2020 shall we?

For me to thrive I need a blend of…

  • Meditating for 5-20 mins most days
  • Yoga 2-3 times per week
  • Keeping my libido and femininity alive by practicing Vaginal Kung Fu 
  • Practicing my mind-taming tricks a few times each day
  • Exercising at least every day or two, and mixing it up
  • Challenging myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Taking risks. Ek.
  • Hanging out with interesting, inspiring, empowering people
  • Listening to good music, loud
  • Dancing (next week I’m off to try No Lights, No Lycra, woohoo!)
  • Being kind and empowering towards others. Random acts of kindness
  • Not hermitting in my house working myself into an introvert hole for tooooo long
  • Plenty of time in nature, even if it’s just the park near my house
  • Being vulnerable and real, even when it scares the shit out of me
  • Listening to podcasts and reading books that expand my mind
  • Growing. Always growing. (Well, not always. Sometimes I like to put my head in the sand. Just need to stop doing it for months at a time)
  • Staying connected with you guys and my beautiful clients
  • Assuming that everything (even the really shit stuff) holds a lesson that I can grow from
  • Staying curious and open

So simple, right?! :D Let’s give it a crack anyway.

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I hope you’ve had an excellent start to the new year, and that you’re staying safe, especially if you live near the fires in Australia.

Let me know what your word of the year is, and/or some of the things that make you feel ALIVE!

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