Bloody Good Chap’s birthday

Bloody Good Chap’s birthday

Happy birthday to my favourite Bloody Good Chap!! I always used to hate it when I saw friends posting mushy bollocks on FB, but feck it, I get it now, when you meet such a legend you want to announce it to tens of thousands of people!

Which is exactly what I’ve done since we met on Tinder in Feb this year.

And don’t I know it you guys love him as much as I do!

Someone suggested I’m like Kanye and he’s like Kim Kardashian Click To Tweet

which I’m pretty sure was supposed to be an insult, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I imagine that Kanye uses Kim for publicity? Does he? Yep, I’m aware I do that with BGC. Always with his permission of course, he secretly loves it ;)

So cringe or no cringe, it’s high time we all said happy birthday to this bloody good man, who has completely changed my life.

Project Self wouldn’t be what it is without BGC’s support, encouragement, unlimited tolerance to entrepreneur-related panics and tantrums, scanning my notes for me, making me dinner while I work til all hours of the early morning, always being on hand with an iPhone suggesting “this would look good on Project Self” (he doesn’t even make me ask!),

reminding me to meditate when I’m sketching out at my to do list,

taking me out on a special date in Singapore when Project Self reached 1000 likes

(I can’t believe that was only earlier this year!?), always reading the Project Self comments and alerting me every time my page likes get to the next thousand, and for flying to Bali to surprise me a few months ago, which not only made me cry, but my Mum, BGC’s sister, and a number of you guys who we’ve never met who emailed me to tell me so too! (I wrote about it here)

BGC, you inspire people not to give up on Tinder!

Thanks for being my person Click To Tweet

I’m stoked to have a travel-obsessed, guitar playing partner in crime to share my bloody good life with!

Ps – it’s a baby chicken themed week here at Project Self HQ :D

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