Argh, Mind, Shut Up! (Part II)

Argh, Mind, Shut Up! (Part II)

Photography: Drew Corby

[Here’s Part I]

Before I learnt about this mindfulness thing, I felt as though there was a TV show going on in my head.

A moody guy called Neville was holding the remote.

He sat there on the couch munching Doritos and flicking channels.

Bloody hell Nev, I’d shout, I wish you’d let me relax.

We’ve all got a Neville in our head. He’s our inner dickhead.

>> One minute he’s watching a thriller and we start to feel stressed and tense. Our heart rate quickens and we clench our jaw.

>> Then he’s on to the Notebook and out of nowhere we’re overwhelmed with the melancholy of life.

>> Then to informercials; we become so bored and weary that we can hardly open our eyes at our desk.

All that white noise and flicking of channels is so distracting, we can hardly focus on the task at hand, let alone be clear with what we actually want from life.

Is that the guy you want running the show?

You’ve never been taught how to take charge of your mind,
so he takes charge of you.

// Our to do lists are never ending

// We all have plenty of stories from our past that upset us when we dwell on them

// There’s always someone around who will piss you off

Of its own accord, you mind repeats those tasks and stories over and over in your head.

It doesn’t help you to complete or resolve them, it just makes sure you’re constantly worrying about them.

It’s not all that helpful.

– – – – –

As humans we spend around 80% of our day completely lost in thought. That’s a lot of percent!

While you’ve been busy working on your external appearance, career and relationships, your mind has been neglected. You couldn’t see it becoming erratic and unfocussed, so you didn’t think you needed to exercise it.


To gain more control over you body, you need to exercise it.
To gain more control over your mind, you need to do the same.

Because guess who controls your bloody good life?

I’m here to convince you that with the right techniques, you can learn to use your mind rather than being used by it.

Think of it as personal training for your mind.

You need not be a slave to your emotions, nor your cravings, nor your negative thoughts.

You can set your mind to focus on the things that you really want to focus on and let go of all the things that are constantly holding you back from your bloody good life.

I’ll show you how with Bloody Good Life 101, coming bloody soon!

Have you checked out our blog lately? I’ve written about overcoming procrastination, increasing confidence, and how not to lie awake at night thinking so much (among many other things)! Check out all our posts here.


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G'day, I'm Andrea

I'm a mindfulness facilitator and former cynical pessimist.

I used to be an awkward, pessimistic, overachiever.

Life looked good on the outside, but on the inside things were average.

I was indecisive, I didn't know what to do with my life, I self-sabotaged the hell out of my relationships.

I had a feeling I was going to keep f-ing things up for myself unless something radical changed.

The life handbrake-turn that followed over the next few years came as the result of learning what I now teach in my unconventional mind-taming program for indecisive overachievers - Bloody Good Life. Just practical, relatable techniques without any rainbow and butterfly jibber jabber.