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Accidental dancing whiplash and a first date

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Well wouldn’t you know it, I woke up with whiplash from dancing too enthusiastically at No Lights No Lycra.

I dusted off my raving skills from circa 2006 and kicked off one of my new year’s resolutions (dance more!) in a blacked out room.

However, planning to go on a first date directly after an hour of vigorous dancing may not have been my brightest move.

So, post sober rave, I made a mad dash into my friend’s house nearby, tiptoed past the baby’s room, leapt into the shower, and promptly realised my face was still red as a tomato. Great.

15 mins late and still looking quite disheveled, I arrived to meet the guy whose profile was written for me by the Bumble gods.

And there the story ends.

Just kidding, the date went well, apart from me nearly falling off my chair because my legs were dangling precariously.

Meanwhile his legs easily rested on the ground. (I know, cheers Bumble Gods, you outdid yourselves!)

There’s second date potential there, but I won’t tell you all the details for fear that if any of these guys find my blog no one will ever go on a date with me again!

Hey Matt!

Just kidding, he’s one of the 5 guys on Bumble not called Matt.

So, my Bumble rampage continues, as does the sale happening over at Project Self HQ!

But not for much longer (I’m pausing my Bumble rampage to take a breather, mainly because I’m about to leave the country for a few weeks), oh and the sale ends in just a few days too!

My 1:1 coaching spots have been snaffled up (there are only 2 spots left – click here to check out the Bloody Good Life 1:1 coaching program and book in for a free chat with me!)

Meanwhile loads of you are kicking off your new year in style with Bloody Good Life D.I.Y too!

(Sorry Matts x 10³ brb!)

Both the 1:1 and D.I.Y. versions of the Bloody Good Life program are designed specifically for indecisive busy people who may find themselves nodding at some of the below…

  • Your mind feels so full of STUFF
  • You’re indecisive about your direction. And what to have for dinner
  • You don’t have as much energy as you used to. You spend the day dreaming of bed
  • You feel like something is missing, no matter what you achieve
  • You kick yourself for not having enough willpower to stick to your goals. Who put that Toblerone in my trolley?
  • You wake up and press snooze til you’re later than late
  • You easily lose motivation and end up procrastinating. A quick Insta break turns into an hour long scroll.

The epic Bloody Good Life programs will give you…

  • The confidence & clarity to say HELL yes I know what I’m doing with my life!
  • The ability to make your mind chill the f%*k out so you can relax without a screen
  • The willpower to follow through on your goals so that you look back on your year with pride
  • Charisma & leap-out-of-bed energy so you can put more into your friendships and relationships
  • The tools to ditch the overthinking so you can get so much more joy out of day-to-day life
  • The clarity to fill your life with so much awesome shit that you’ve no time to compare your life to others

Click here to check out Bloody Good Life 1:1 (The life changing BGL program + 4 months of coaching with me)

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