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Wondering how you are? (COVID edition)

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Hey, how are you doing?

It’s a mad time isn’t it?

Not only have our inboxes been flooded with emails from random companies who we purchased a pen off 15 years ago telling us how they’re handling COVID-19 (why?!), but also, there is no gluten free pasta in the supermarkets?!

It’s a disaster.

I had the bright idea to learn to make my own tagliatelle one weekend, which of course involved skipping straight to the good bit, and ordering a stainless steel pasta cutting contraption online. It arrived, I got my newly Googled Italian skills all ready to go and then….

Realised the supermarkets have also run out of gluten free flour. ????‍♀️

Times are tough.

But in all seriousness: Arggggghhhhhsldkjerhe;ldfjadfsdfa;lksdjfds!

This pandemic is scary, anxiety inducing, eye opening, exhausting, and one hell of an emotional roller coaster isn’t it??

One minute I’m on top of the world, running through a park, thinking “OMG the world is suffering, but this suffering will lead us to a better place! People are gardening! And slowing down! And realising what really matters to them! Egg-laying chickens are currently sold out! People are becoming kinder! They’re looking out for each other more! The world is waking up!!”

Nek minute, I’m in a puddle on the floor crying about how I’m going to pay rent

now that my Airbnb business has well and truly hit an indefinitely large brick wall and two of my biggest corporate mindfulness contracts have been postponed indefinitely.

Next minute (there’s only so much “nek minute” one can tolerate in one email), I’m in my bedroom dancing manically with 5 girlfriends to the Hot Dub Time Machine live stream, all of us inexplicably holding pot plants.

(Obviously, the friends were on Zoom, not in my bedroom, who do you think I am!?)

Also, I’ve learned that Zoom fatigue is real!

I’ve been running a ridiculous number of corporate workshops over the past few weeks, 2-4 workshops most days, and my god, who put all that cotton wool in my head at the end of the every day?

I’m finding myself taking a week or more to respond to friends and Bumble dudes because I just can’t muster the energy to do a single other digital thing.

But then I’ll accidentally get stuck in a spiral of Covid memes and horrific news and stay up til my eyelids start wrinkling into little prunes.

All of that is to say that everything you are feeling right now is completely normal.

Procrastination is normal.
Guilt is normal.
Pressure is normal.

Not wearing pants is normal.

Anxiety is normal.
Elation is normal.
Panic is normal.
Calm is normal.

It’s all normal, go easy on yourself. Please!

I had grand plans to run an online group stress reduction workshop series, and I was (and am) really excited about it! But I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to make it happen ASAP, as so many of you told me you were keen to have a way of connecting online learning some new tools for coping in this mad time.

But then I realised, sheesh, I don’t actually have the capacity to organise something like that right now!

Why am I pushing myself so hard when I’m already exhausted?

If you’re pushing yourself to do more than you feel capable of right now, please stop that shit right now. Let yourself off the hook. Allow things to be “passable,” not perfect.

Overwhelm and grief are VERY tiring, do not expect yourself to operate at full capacity right now.

ESPECIALLY if you’re attempting to homeschool kids while working, YOU ARE A SUPERHERO. Just do your best, and accept the rest.

I would love to know how you are all coping?

Click here to let me know in a couple of quick questions – how are you? Is there anything I can help you with? What are you finding is helping?

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