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Why a CEO whispered in my ear last week

Happiness & Fulfilment

What is WRONG with society that we don’t prioritise mental health like we do physical health??!

Schools be like – “here’s some maths and english and stuff, now go work out how to handle stress, anxiety, overwhelm, insecurity, depression, moods, energy, motivation, productivity, procrastination, passive aggression, and jealousy by yoself, ok?”

“Also sex and relationships, you can work that all out on the world wide web, right?”

“Also, don’t cry.”

“Man up.”

“Good girl.”

Society be like,

“Don’t talk about struggles yo, that’s weak as F”.

And we be like… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ??

A CEO came up to me after a corporate mindfulness workshop I ran recently and lowered his voice to a near-whisper…

“Wow this is such great timing, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and, you know, not sleeping and stuff…

I even went to my doctor and he gave me a referral to see a *FULL WHISPER* *psychologist!*”

He looked around nervously.

“Now you’ve just explained a lot of it and given me somewhere to start with managing it! This is all starting to make more sense. I have a few friends in one of the AFL teams, and they’ve been telling me how if a training is going badly, the whistle gets blown, they all run into the change rooms and meditate for 20 mins before starting training again!”

This guy, like so many of us, was struggling under the weight and pressure of a jam packed life and work schedule, and still felt it was embarrassing to talk about it out loud, and to seek help.

We spend thousands on exercise, makeup, clothes, brunches, coffee, and plenty of beers to try and make our ourselves happy and keep ourselves looking good, but when it comes to mental health we’re like…


If we can’t see it, it doesn’t need working on.

“Shh, under the carpet you go, anxiety.

Depression… get back in your box!”

This attitude is slowly changing thanks to the proliferation of wellness bloggers and annoying positivity quotes, (or perhaps we’re all just reaching the end of our tether), BUT, we all still prioritise SO MUCH ELSE above the health of our mind.

I’m working my ovaries off, along with millions of legends around the world, to change this attitude.

To make it ok to struggle and to be honest about it without shame.

And to make mind-health as much a part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth and going for a jog.

It’s not selfish to focus on your mental health.

When your brain is thriving, you have a tonne more energy to give to those around you and to create incredible things that make the world high five itself.

I reckon this is how we’ll make the world a way more bloody good place, one tamed mind at a time.

Starting by watching those monkey minds of ours, and learning not to take their criticisms and judgements too seriously.

Are you with me?

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