What is my identity?

What is my identity?

Not long ago I found myself chatting with a tableful of strangers at a School of Life philosophy breakfast.

We were on about identity and authenticity. It got me thinking…

For a while I identified with being a high achiever, with gaining status by getting an architecture degree and trying to pursue the life I thought I should live. Then I pressed pause on that and started to identify with being a traveller (which also meant I could experiment with my identity), and now I find myself being exactly the person I want to be, now I know who that is…

Blimey dick it’s so much more fun this way!

We so commonly base our identity on external ideas, jobs, or by following others, yet I think that one of the key aspects of living a bloody good life is finding your own identity and living it unapologetically.

How do you find it? I’ve written about it before here

And how do you live it unapologetically? I’ve written about that before too here.

I seem to have gone all philosophical, but it’s probably just that I’m hungry.. Breakfast was gluten with a side of gluten, apparently philosophers haven’t all caught on that

[bctt tweet=”healthy eating = healthy thinking.”]

But, how cool is The School of Life? It’s all over the world and teaches classes on everything you can think of under the sun. It’s about time education turned towards something useful for our lives!

It’s my mission to get the stuff I teach in Bloody Good Life 101 out to the masses, especially in schools.

What could be more important than learning to reduce stress so you can stop being a snappy-dactal; manage your emotions; and step outside your shouty monkey mind for some peace and quiet?

Pstttt – are you in NZ??

I’m thinking of running a workshop or two in New Zealand in March – wanna hang out with me and a bunch of like-minded, authentic legends?!

Click here to let me know what NZ city you’re near (or which main cities you’d be happy to join us in), and what you’d love to learn!

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