Want Bloody Good Sex? Read this.

Want Bloody Good Sex? Read this.

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I won’t lie (I never do), I got into meditation because I read an article that told me that meditation and sex do the same thing to your brain.

I was in.

Not long later (had to wait til I was no longer working on a superyacht, didn’t I) I hired the author of the article as my sex coach and signed up for her Well F*cked Woman course.

It completely changed the way I think about sex.
And life, for that matter.

I realised that I could study every aspect of life in the same way.

That’s what Bloody Good Life 101 is all about.

It’s true, sex and meditation put our brain into the same state. They’ve both been shown to lower the frequency of our brainwaves, which means more gaps between thoughts, which means a relaxed, calm, and bloody good mood.

It makes sense really.

Mindfulness + meditation are all about learning to be in the present moment, rather than dwelling in the past or thinking of the future.

When you orgasm you can’t be thinking about anything but the present moment.

You can’t be thinking about whether you remembered to feed your flatmate’s cat.

If you do, you won’t come.

So you have to be in the moment, feeling all the fun sensations.

I used to have trouble with it because my mind was so overactive, I couldn’t relax.

Instead of focussing on the sensations of sex I was caught up in my mind – possibly thinking about a uni assignment, my future, or perhaps worrying about what my boyfriend was thinking of me; what I should do next; was he enjoying it?

So imagine my elation to find that

an overactive mind can be tamed!

That’s where meditation comes in. It teaches you to disengage from your overactive mind so that you can more frequently enjoy the moment.

If you want to get fit you exercise regularly.

If you want to get mindful, you meditate regularly. And do Bloody Good Life 101 with me.

If you want to get your sex drive back, you practice sex regularly.

With yourself and/or with a partner.

But first, you really must do Kim Anami’s Well F%ked Woman course.

It’s awesome whether you’re single or in a relationship, I did it while single and it changed everything for me- in my sex life, my love life, and my view of life in general!

I just it again recently (you have lifetime access. Like BSchool for your sex life! But way more awesome).

Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, but I’ve been promoting Kim’s stuff long before I signed up as an affiliate, I only promote stuff I believe in 1 million percent! In fact you might have noticed, I rarely promote anything ever!

Before The Well F%ked Woman, I didn’t know how to come with a partner, I even found it hard by myself. Not the case anymore!!

Dudes – get it at as a present for your babe! You won’t regret it. And stay tuned, I’ll let you know when Kim runs Sexual Mastery for Men again. And Coming Together for couples. AND Vaginal Kung-Fu! So much fun to be had!

How much money is the rest of your sex life worth?

And if you’re keen to learn how mindfulness will take your sex life from meh to legendary…

Read 5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Have Mind-Blowing Sex.

And then sign up for Bloody Good Life 101.

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