The Teapot Trick for Making Decisions with Ease

The Teapot Trick for Making Decisions with Ease

Yesterday I stood in the toothpaste aisle, dithering about which one to choose. Natural? Fluoride? No fluoride? Delicious minty taste? Grrr.

Then the same again in the chocolate aisle. I put a block of chocolate in my basket, walked to the end of the aisle, startled the kid behind me with a sharp U turn, put the chocolate back, then marched to the eggs where I became completely overwhelmed with the calculations of how crammed or uncrammed hens are at 1500: 1 hectare. What does it really mean? Then I got overwhelmed and left the supermarket without buying eggs or chocolate, only toothpaste, Colgate, the one I always buy.

I remember having this struggle all the time a few years ago – I couldn’t make up my mind about what to wear, what to buy, who to be, what career I wanted, nothing.

[bctt tweet=”It filled me with frustrated backgroundy anxiety which made my mind even busier than ever.” username=”project_self”]

These days it’s uncommon for me to be so indecisive, I’m usually very clear on who I am and what I want, and I only dither over small things like toothpaste, rarely the big things.

Since I’ve been immersed in the overwhelming amount of work that comes with a launch for the last few weeks, my mind has gained some serious momentum, which is what lead me to be dithering in a supermarket at 10pm.

If you struggle to make decisions, the coolest thing ever is about to happen….

I’m actually running a webinar! Like for real, after threatening to do one allll last year and never actually doing it.

It’s free! It’s called:

The Teapot Trick for Making Decisions with Ease.

Sweet! And it’s free! It’s tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6pm AEST (Sydney/ Melbourne).

Soon as.

You can sign up here

It’s also a chance to ASK ME ANYTHING about Bloody Good Life DIY & Group – my life changing programs that are currently open for registration, BUT ONLY UNTIL FRIDAY! The countdown is onnnnn.

And the group program is nearly FULL! So if you’re thinking about joining us in the DIY or the group, jump on it stat, or join us on the webinar to hear more.

If you can’t make the webinar, all good, we’ll send you a replay so long as you register.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not up for the program and just want to hear about the Teapot Trick for Making Decisions, all good in the hood!

See you there!

PS. this photo is irrelevant. But cool eh!

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