Even firefighters take smoko. Do they call it that?

Even firefighters take smoko. Do they call it that?

I realised that in running around busily putting out all the life-fires lately, I’d stopped making time to do shit I love.


Like building! So I made space in my weekend and began to saw and drill things left right and centre. It’s about bloody time my tools came out of their garage cave. I totally forgot about building for a while there.

My drill was having a sulk and had run down its both batteries in protest.

This time I made a Japanese divider screen, except not Japanese. Australian made, by a Kiwi. Kiwi made in Australia. Or something.

It’s so easy to forget to do things we love in between all the life admin, friend dramas, and personal shebang that characterises our very very busy 1st world lives.

[bctt tweet=”This is your long overdue reminder (and mine) – do what you love, as often as possible, ” via=”no”]

at least something once weekly.

There will never suddenly be massive amounts of free time begging to be filled by our favourite activities. There will always be another 10 fires to put out. On our to do list that is. I would like to set my to do list on fire actually. Though that’s not true, I’m one of those type-A people that thrive on busy. Except when I don’t.

[bctt tweet=”“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” (Nailed it, Emily Dickinson).” via=”no”]

Like too many books on Emily Dickinson’s shelf, we have to shove all the to-do-list items to both sides and cram what we love in amongst the hectic day-to-day living of our life.

Otherwise we’ll frantically backstroke our way through days, months and years without having time to stop and look where we’re swimming. From time to time, we need to stop, look where we’re going and try a bit of breaststroke, some freestyle, maybe even butterfly.

Make time to do what you love.

Because even firefighters stop for smoko.

I think. Maybe they prefer not to call it smoko. Not sure what’s happened here but I’ve tried to combine books, fires and swimming into one giant, mismatched analogy.

Maybe I inhaled too much sawdust.

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