Sexual Mastery for Men

Sexual Mastery for Men

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I used to think that I was just one of those chicks who couldn’t come from sex.

I didn’t think it was a big deal, Cosmo told me it was all good; totally normal; they said, so I never thought to do anything about it.

Except get annoyed at my boyfriends for not lasting long enough.

I definitely did that. As you can imagine, it made matters worse.

But the truth was, I knew nothing about my own body, I had no manual for myself, and so I was a terrible trainer for my boyfriends. I just let them try to work it out for me.

Then one day, I read an article on Mind Body Green that changed my life. It was written by a sex coach named Kim Anami who seemed to be saying that my ability to come was up to me! So I signed up for her Well F%cked Woman course and never looked back!

But then, once I’d learnt a whole lot more about myself and my body, I found that it wasn’t just me that didn’t know what the hell was going on with sex.

It was every male I’d ever had sex with.

They knew how to have sex like pornstars, but none of them really knew much about a woman’s body; or their own, for that matter, and though they gave it a good go, it was all just kinda half assed and unsatisfactory on both sides. I would have told you it was “good sex”, but actually it just LOOKED like good sex, which I thought was the same thing. Until I met Kim Anami.

None of us are taught how to have sex at school. We put a condom on a banana if we’re lucky, and then

everyone goes off into this unknown world of sex completely unequipped and mortified;

with the notion that we should all pretend we know what’s going on (no one ever admits they don’t, so not many people talk about HOW to do it in detail.) We all end up just making it up as we go along. Usually drunk.

After doing the Well F%cked Woman course, I signed up for Kim’s Sexual Mastery for Men video series, and was so surprised by what I learnt about the dude side of things that I started forwarding her emails to the guy I was seeing at the time.

Just those ‘taster’ videos changed our sex life radically.

So then I started forwarding her emails to anyone I dated after that, and their eyes (and mine) were often opened to a whole world of modern Tantra, Taoism, multiple orgasms (for men and women), how a guy can last wayyy longer with the most simple techniques, and masculine/ feminine polarity, which changed my sex life and relationship with every guy I’ve dated since.

So, if you’re a dude, or you’re dating or married to a dude – I have the best early Christmas present EVER for you to give him (or yourself). You’re basically giving it to yourself. But also him.

Kim Anami’s Sexual Mastery for Men 

Today is your last chance to sign up. I’m pretty sure it starts today actually, be snappy about it!

Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, but I’ve been promoting Kim’s courses for two years to everyone I know before ever realising I could become an affiliate, I’m so passionate about showing people that there are wayyy more options for living a bloody good life – and improving my sex life with Kim Anami’s courses is where I started with my Bloody Good Life! I can’t recommend anything more highly.

If you’re a dude and your woman isn’t that into having a whole lot of sex with you anymore, or she is and you’d like to be able last longer so she thinks you’re a hero… or you just want to up your game in the most epic of ways – you’ve got to do Sexual Mastery for Men.

If you’re a chick and you’re finding your libido is lagging, or you’ve lost the passion in your relationship, get your dude to do Kim’s course, it will be life changing for you both. If not, you get a refund!

Sexual Mastery for Men e-course

How much is your sex life worth?

PS. Want to improve your sex life x a million and get turned on with ease? My most favourite of Kim Anami’s courses, The Well F#&ed Woman opens on Friday! Click here to get Kim’s free video series before Friday!

(If you sign up for the paid WFW when it opens on Friday, be sure to let me know so that you can get free access to my BGL bonus module on Sex & Mindfulness!)

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