Never ending to-do lists & kangaroos who steal your salmon

Never ending to-do lists & kangaroos who steal your salmon

Wow man, you guys have gone above and beyond getting this handsome fellow to take me out on a date!

His mate in Nz had screen shotted him my post before I had even had a chance to warn him!

Now he reckons the pressure’s on to make sure it’s a cool enough date to show you guys! I’ll keep you posted on that one wink emoticon

I did ask whether he’d put on an Irish accent for the date if Project Self reached 1,100 likes, so that’s hopefully going to happen. 😁

In the meantime he’s only gone and bought us Dylan Moran tickets! What a legend.

Project Self is well and truly taking over my personal life, but that’s ok with me, mostly, there’s a reason I traded in my architecture degree to do something that I bloody love, and it’s all about living a bloody good life, so it forces me to make sure I’m always doing what I need to do to keep living my own bloody good life while coaching others to do the same.

Which sometimes involves walking away from my urgent list of things to do, slamming my laptop shut with a flourish, and venturing into the countryside

to stare at kangaroos who steal your salmon while you’re busy trying to sleep in a $25 Big W tent on a self-deflating air mattress.

This is us watching the sunset.

You wouldn’t guess it, but we were listening to Peter Andre at the time.

No matter what you do for work, whether you love it, hate it, or feel neutral about it, you must make all efforts to switch off from it for a period of time every day and every weekend,

no matter how urgent your never ending to do list seems to be.

Otherwise you’ll struggle to enjoy life. And what is the point of working if it’s not contributing to a bloody good life?

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