Menial Life Admin Will Take Over Your Life Unless…

Menial Life Admin Will Take Over Your Life Unless…

This morning instead of exercising, I got out my drill and did a bit of DIY on my Ikea bed.

I’ve been delaying doing any building lately even though it’s my favourite thing to do, because I’ve been so busy with other things, but I realised – I’m not going to get any less busy! I’m only going to get busier.

And so are you.

So instead, we’ve got to MAKE TIME to do the shit that makes us happy.

We try to keep up with our to do lists under the assumption that once everything is done we’ll be able to relax. THEN we’ll have time to do the things we love.

But the list will never be done. Life has a way of finding two new tasks for every one that we cross off.

What is the point of getting all our life admin done if it leaves us no time for fun?

Running a business about living a bloody good life while actually finding time to live one is a tricky business indeed.

My house desperately needs vacuuming, my to do list is longer than my leg, and there are many photos of boxer puppies that I need to ‘like’ before the end of the year.

A friend of mine said to me, Dre, how do you have time to build shelves?

I said, I don’t, but I make time anyway. But then I realised the last time I ‘made time’ was many months ago. I let my busyness tell me that I had more important things to do than enjoy myself.

So today I decided, fuck it all, it’s a Monday,

I’m going to do something I love!

This photo is obviously not now in the middle of winter, it’s of me a few months ago when it was sunny and warm on my balcony (ah, take me back!) and I decided to pause my to-do list for the day and make a coffee table. Because that’s the kind of thing I love doing.

I spent so long doing it that I sanded off my fingerprints and my iPhone stopped recognising my thumb!

Menial life admin (or Facebook) will fill all your time if you let it. So don’t.

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Make time to do shit you love every day.

The vacuuming can wait.

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