What to do about a libido that’s gone on holiday

What to do about a libido that’s gone on holiday

Lately I’ve found myself not feeling bothered with sex. Like my libido packed it’s bags and said Nah bro, you’re working too hard, ain’t got no mental energy left for sexy time.

Sorry BGC!

It’s a weird conundrum. I’ve never had such good sex in my life. When you get to some of the heights we’ve learnt to get to by doing Kim Anami’s courses, it opens you up for some serious self growth. It seems to have opened Pandora’s Box of possibilities, and the control freak in me wants to shut that back down!

So my body’s response is to shut down my libido.

That’s my theory anyway.

The point is, it’s bloody annoying when it happens, because in my mind I want sex, but my body just doesn’t always get turned on when I want it to. I never know how it’s going to respond.

Luckily, a tiny dose of Kim Anami’s videos is all I ever need to kick start things again.

I went back and watched some of the videos from Kim’s Well F*%ked Woman course that I did three years ago (you get lifetime access), and

boom, libido was back in the game!

The last month has been awesome. Just like that.

Sometimes, you just need a legend sex coach to help kick start your sex life. Over and over Click To Tweet

So I’ve decided that I’m going to do Kim’s latest course too, Coming Together for Couples. Win!

If you’re feeling a bit meh in the bedroom, or if your sex life has never been quite as steamy as you’d hoped, if you find it hard to come, to enjoy sex, or to get turned on at all, you’ve absolutely GOT to do one of Kim’s courses. I honestly can’t rave about them enough,

they’ve changed my outlook on life, love, and sex.

Seriously. Do the course with me!

Before Kim’s courses, I couldn’t come from sex. In fact I couldn’t hardly come at all, it was a major mission, and one I really couldn’t be bothered with. My boyfriends were always disappointed, and it sucked.

Now? No problem!

Seriously, my sex life has never been so radically good – I never thought I’d be able to get to the kind of sex life we have now.

Even when my libido randomly shuts down for no reason!

It takes work, working on your desire, libido and sex life, but good lord is it worth it when you do.

I’m an affiliate for Kim’s courses because I 1 million percent recommend her work. There’s only two people I ever promote, I never promote anything I don’t believe in with everything I have.

If you sign up for Coming Together for Couples through my affiliate links in this post I’ll send you a private login to my Bloody Good Lifers Bonus module on sex for free! It’s a three part raw, honest video series about my journey with sex and mindfulness.

I’ve never been so honest ever.

Keen? Sign up to Kim’s course then EMAIL OR FB MESSAGE ME andrea@projectself.com.au with the words “Kim Anami bonus module please” in the subject. No other text needed.

The course starts tomorrow! Get in there son!

How much is the rest of your sex life worth? Invest in yourself yo, it will pay you back one million times more than shoes and holidays.

Though those are good too :D

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