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I have a few cool things for you (including a free workshop)!

Making Decisions & Finding Passion

G’day! I have a few cool things to share with you this week instead of the usual blog post!


Free workshop!

Are you a frontline worker or know one (or many!)?

(I’m looking at you – nurses, doctors, teachers, police, firies, ambos, supermarket workers, parents who are homeschooling, essential service workers etc)?

OR – would you just love some respite despite a hectic work/ home-schooling/ life schedule?

I’m donating my time to be part of an epic online event giving back to the frontline workers that have been keeping things running during the pandemic.

The festival is free and anyone can join from anywhere in the world

(even if you’re not a frontline worker!) after a hectic workday or during your day off to learn new techniques and insights on managing your mental and physical health (including yoga, exercise classes, and comedy!)

There will be classes morning, arvo and evening every day from Saturday 31st Oct – 8th Nov.

I’m running a workshop on How to reduce unhelpful overthinking and get your clarity back (Tues 3rd Nov) – you can register for my workshop and any of the other brilliant workshops for free by clicking here.


My legend mate Em has teamed up with some epic Australian singer-songwriters to co-produce a carbon neutral song (whatttt?) – all the proceeds go to Wild Ark to re-wild the planet – how nifty is that!

Check out this clip from their beautiful mini doco on the Tambah Project’s Instagram here.

Then head to Spotify or wherever other magical places you stream music and give Our Song by the Tambah Project a stream or 500 – help them get to 100,000 streams!

The koalas and the elephants say please and thank you.


This is me when the postman comes with a miscellaneous package:

Project Self - Andrea Featherstone - Bloody Good Life 101 - Mindfulness - Life Coaching - blog post






…even though it usually turns out to be something odd, like Poss-Off spray.

(But isn’t that just the best product name ever! It stops possums eating all my Chinese broccoli and spinach, the bastards.)

Ps — If you’re keen to learn to tame your mind and tune into your gut instinct, my Bloody Good Life D.I.Y. program is made for you - you can check it out here.

If you need more clarity on what will light you up, check out my Nail Your Values & Find Your (Bloody Elusive) Passion program here.

Because it's nearly Christmas, you can use the coupon code 15OFFYUS to get... you guessed it - 15% off any and all of my programs and/or 1:1 coaching before the end of the year! Yus 😁

We've even made some snazzy vouchers if you want to give any of our life changing programs to your loved ones - one of my clients bought 5 vouchers for NYVP for all of her family, what a generous legend! 

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