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How to handle judgement and comparison [VIDEO]


Last Friday I deleted Instagram off my phone, again.

For the 5th time. Probably.

I was busy judging the bejaysus out of some people’s stories, and judging the bejaysus out of myself

while watching others’ amazing stories, and I decided, feck this, get off my phone you silly app.

As usual, I had fallen into the habit of wasting a lot of time staring at my phone instead of finding new hobbies and projects to entertain me outside of work. I wanted to try to remember how to do real life things again.

“You’re a life-stealing THIEF!”

I shouted at my phone, then I jabbed my thumb accusingly at Instagram until the app started wobbling in fear. Then I pressed “x”.

It was a bit anticlimactic really.

I’ve been noticing how bloody judgemental we are about others, and ourselves, how

we’re losing the art of listening

to each other non-judgmentally and putting ourselves in others’ shoes, how we’re feeling lonely because we don’t feel fully seen or understood by others (because they’re too busy judging, just like we are), and how we’re comparing the bejaysus out of ourselves. There’s a lot of bejaysus going on.

Instead of writing a long-ass blog about it, I decided to get with the times (or, at least, only 5 years behind the times) and make a vlog about it…

How to handle judgement and comparison:

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