How to find yourself

How to find yourself

On Sunday, I’m off to Bali for two months!!

I’ve always had this far-fetched dream of being location independent with my work, and now I fricken am!!

I’m a digital nomad, yippee!

If you’re a “traveler”, you’ve most likely had it suggested that you’re ‘running away from reality’. People ask you “when are you going to be serious, when are you going to come back to the “real world”?

But I reckon it’s all bollocks. What is serious anyway? Unhappy?

Running away from “the real world” is damn important for living a bloody good life. I’ve never done anything more important. It allows you the perspective to think- is my reality what I really want? Or am I living my life this way because everyone else in my reality is too?

After architecture, I travelled for years and worked all over the world. I felt guilty for not being serious and climbing the career ladder, but you know what – the real world didn’t float my boat, I wanted something bigger for my life than one restricted to one career, one desk, one country.

Travel started me on my ‘Project Self’ journey.

Travel is really just self-development in disguise.

You are 100% responsible for your own life when you’re travelling – you’ve no-one to rely on but you. You get thrown into different situations and cultures and you learn a lot about yourself in doing so. You learn your likes, your dislikes, and you learn to think of the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in small minded matters.

Travel helps to solidify who you are and what you want away from the biases of your home environment and upbringing.

It gives you back your own opinion.

It doesn’t necessitate a radical life change (though it did for me), it might just make you appreciate how much you love the life you’ve got.

If you don’t know what you’re doing in life – keep doing things until you find something you love. Don’t get caught in the trap of following the sheep because you’re still trying to make a decision about what to do – decisions come from doing, exploring, developing, NOT from thinking about it.

Thinking will keep you stuck. Travelling will get you moving again.

So I’m off to get moving again. Fingers crossed that ol volcano keeps chillin.

Bloody Good Chap is coming along for a couple of weeks’ holiday,

follow @projectself on Instagram to check out Indo with us!

And any tips for Indo/ Ubud/ Bali – send em my way! Would love anything you’ve got, I’ve never been. I’m into yoga, meditating, healthy eating (paleo-ish!), adventures, beaches, rice paddies, biking, and definitely not Kuta.

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