How to come alive again

How to come alive again

This morning I woke up excited to try a slice of homemade bread from my new gluten-free bread maker, then as I chowed down on my more-cake-than-bread piece of bread, I re-read one of my emails:

“I love mindfulness and your emails but

please don’t email me about Kim Anami’s stuff, I find it really offensive.

As if women don’t have enough to worry about –

it’s like going back to the dark ages where women are seen merely as sex objects.”

Usually I’d just unsubscribe the person, not everyone wants to hear about sex, and that’s totally cool – but as I feel very strongly about women’s empowerment, something in me told me I needed to write back. So I responded with an unfeasibly long email… because y’know, I have zero brevity skills.


I can absolutely understand why you find Kim Anami’s writing and concepts offensive,

she’s incredibly blunt and uses extreme honesty to very effectively shock and get your attention. But since Kim’s programs have profoundly changed my life and empowered me as a woman, I’d like to offer you an alternative perspective.

Kim’s work is the opposite of the dark ages and the polar opposite of turning women into sexual objects. She is completely against the patriarchy and against the sexual objectification of women,

she seeks to empower women with the birthrights that have been stripped from us and bring back our fearlessness around our sexuality that has been repressed for so long.

Many of the practices that Kim teaches in her courses are ancient Taoist techniques that help women to harness their immense sexual energy, not for use as a sexual object, but for their own power and creativity.

In Taoist society women were revered and respected by men for the powerful humans we are. It was one of the only religions I know of that promoted gender equality and had both men and women priests of all ranks.

Much of Kim’s work is derived from Taoism and the idea of balancing masculine and feminine.

The women in Taoist society were were not ashamed of their sexuality as we have been made to be since the dark ages and the rise of patriarchal religions. My understanding is that Kim aims to reverse that by empowering women sexually.

Until I heard of Kim Anami, I’d unknowingly felt sexually repressed for my whole life.

Like a huge majority of women in western society, I had internalised the patriarchal idea that

sexual women are shameful and slutty,

and it affected not just my sex life but my ability to be a powerful woman in society.

I’m forever grateful to Kim and her programs because they opened my eyes to what had happened, and provided me tools to work through all the baggage that society and my experiences had layered onto me.



Because of Kim I’m no longer ashamed of my sexuality, and for that reason (among many others), I am 100% behind her programs and will continue to promote them to women so they can wake up to what’s possible too. Of course they’re not for everyone, but nothing is.


To which she responded: “Gosh you’ve got me intrigued now and made me want to check this out!”

She ended up signing up to Kim’s program and loved it!

I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to talk about sex so boldly, but

part of my mission with Project Self is to wake us all up to our real selves – to help us uncover the parts of ourselves we’ve unknowingly hidden in order to “fit in”,

and to start to unravel all the bollocks so that we become the most honest, authentic, and alive humans that we can be.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman.

If you’re keen to come alive again and wake up to your own epic sexuality, I can’t recommend Kim Anami’s Well F&%d Woman course more highly. It changed my life, my relationships, and my understanding of myself as a powerful woman in today’s society.

I’m an affiliate for all of Kim’s programs, so if you sign up to WFW before it closes for another year on Friday, you also get free access to my bonus Bloody Good Life module: Sex & Mindfulness (all the tricks I’ve learnt on my sexual self-development journey that you can use in your own life and relationships!)

Be sure to email me once you’ve signed up so I can send you your bonus module.

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