How to be the sum of brilliant

How to be the sum of brilliant

You are the sum of the people you hang around with most…

So I’m going to become the sum of excellent paleo bread chefs + people who suggest sexual-fantasy dress up valentines parties + the most ridiculously honest, open people you’ll ever meet + people who are working on amazing projects that are changing people’s lives and getting paid to do it + people who are happy to lend me their photography skills while I try to stop being weird in front of a camera while running around doing handstands in backstreets + friends who will drive me to the middle of nowhere retirementville to pick up a new bed + pick up gas and ice with me when I realise I’m trying to host a BBQ with neither +

people who will teach me face yoga when I notice all my wrinkles!

I’m going to be the sum of brilliant!

Probably the single most important thing you can do to live a bloody good life?

Hang out with legends!

I’m privileged to know beautiful women like these – who are incidentally excellent paleo bread + chia pudding Jamie Olivers.

Being around such passionate, kind people is what gives me energy. I’m infinitely grateful for everyone I have in my life.

I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends and family who encouraged me even when I madly quit a “serious” future as an architect to travel the world, study yoga, tantra, coaching + nutrition and set up my own business coaching rad people to live a bloody good life!

I’m sure some of them wanted to give me a few valiums and say

“settle down Andrea, life is hard, just get yourself a nice office job and stop dreaming”.

But they didn’t, they stuck behind me, and they’re still cheering me on now that it’s all excitingly taking off in a way I never expected!


they’re the most important thing you can possibly have. No amount of bloody goodness is any bloody good without some bloody good mates to share it with.

Take this week to be grateful for your mates – perhaps you could even sent them a card with a quick scribble of something you think is awesome about them. Or a text, whatever you’ve time for.

And never stop making friends! It’s never too late to find people who are passionate about what you’re passionate about – or just passionate in general! The internet and meet up sites (and co working spaces and networking groups and hell, even Tinder) make it possible to step outside your comfort zone and find your people all over the world who share your values.

How cool is that?

Here’s to friends. To all my friends, old and new, thank you for being fucking awesome.

I definitely have the best friends in the world, all around the world, and I bet you do too.

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