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How to be more productive without slave-driving yourself harder

Making Decisions & Finding Passion

Today I have to tell you about a bloody excellent podcast I was interviewed on recently, The Map and the Territory!

— I got so excited for how fun my conversation with Phil was that I talked at a rate of 2.6x my normal speed!

(Just kidding, I always talk too fast when excited 😁 )

In the podcast we talk about:

  • My life changing experience on board the superyacht of a Russian Billionaire
  • How to get OTHERS to practice mindfulness
  • How we can be more productive without slave driving ourselves harder
  • How to become more calm and content WITHOUT losing our edge

Phil also threw in ALL sorts of interesting theories and resources that I’d never heard of – this man is a wealth of fascinating information – listen to The Map and the Territory podcast and thank me later!

Here’s a 5 minute video snippet of our chat:


Check out the full podcast here – Mindfulness for Cynics and Sceptics, or in the place where all podcasts live (i.e. your favourite podcast app).

I’d love to know your takeaways from the podcast –  let me know once you’ve given it a listen!

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