Good looks and external shiz won’t get you what you want

Good looks and external shiz won’t get you what you want

Photo credit: Drew Corby

Round two of How The Hell Do Models Smize involved me running around a park stripping into me bra n undies in public, clothes changes hanging off a tree, dirty hands from backstreet yoga, park benches strewn with outfits, trying to smize and not managing.

All in an attempt to get shots of me looking at the damn camera! I’m told its necessary for my website, so you guys can look into my eyes and trust me!

(Watch out, I might hypnotise you with my smize.)

But if you saw most of these photos you’d wonder if there was something the matter.

It also sent me straight to my naturopath friend, she’s going to teach me face yoga

– gawdamn I didn’t realise how many wrinkles I’d contracted! I must stop pulling stupid faces.

I’m all good with candid shots – I’m like the guy in that song who laughs at a funeral (have a drumstick and your brain stops ticking) – feeling nervous and awkward causes me to laugh a lot, I just can’t look at the camera while I’m busy being awkward.

Thank god for my awesomely patient photographer Drew!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately- how the route to a bloody good life is so clearly NOT based on how we look.

Yet we so commonly feel that if only we were thin enough/ tall enough/ perfect enough THEN we’d be happy.

I sure did, there was a grim few years there where I thought straightening my hair and wearing fake tan was the key to a lifetime of happiness and prince charmings.

The media reinforces this notion constantly.

If you want to be as happy as Cameron Diaz you’d better only eat celery, and you should probably own her perfume.

It’s so hard not to get caught up in it all with social media and Instagram filters and Tinder being all up in our face, telling us that appearances are the only thing that will get us anywhere.

In fact, it leaches into all areas of our lives

Society perpetuates the notion that achieving something external will make us happy.

But it’s a hoax!

There is no level of wealth or looks or sexy boyfriend that will make you happy unless you know how to appreciate the moment that you’re in.

Trust me, I’ve worked for supermodel billionaires,

they have everything external you could ever want. They’re probably the most unhappy people I’ve ever met.

What the hell, mind, why won’t you just let us be happy with what we have?

This is what mindfulness is all about. If you know what I’m talking about- that feeling that fulfilment is always just out of reach, let’s chat. I can help you, seriously, this shit is important!

I can teach you mindfulness (among other things) in a way that removes all spiritual rif raf and rainbows-and-butterflies and self-love jibber jabber.

Bloody Good Life 101 is your fool proof (and fairy free) guide to being jazzed about your life in the most practical of practical ways.


Ps, this is a sneak peak of the modelling brilliance that you can look forward to… Honestly, it’s a wonder I have to run a coaching business with a face like that.

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