Today I’m having one of those days where you mope around being unproductive and eating the wrong things and forgetting about all the good stuff you’ve been working on recently and all the people that keep telling you nice things (you know who you are, thank you for your lovely messages).

Instead you just sit at your desk, or the kitchen bench in my case (quick access to the fridge), and let your mind convince you that this is a bad day as you glaze your eyes into your inbox with no real desire to do anything about the chaos in there.

Which is pretty strange for me, because I had an epic weekend full of amazing catch ups with an array of REAL honest friends who I love to bits.

They say what they mean, not some curated version of bollocks that they think I want to hear, and they talk about interesting things, not gossip and events. You know what they (well, Eleanor Roosevelt) says,

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. “

These days I’m privileged to spend all my time almost exclusively with people in the first group.

I literally spent all weekend talking to people about life and love and all the real stuff I love talking about, and at the end of it I was buzzing.

Actually that could be it, I was buzzing and so stayed up til 1am this morning doing nothing in particular around the house.

Or it could be that glass of champagne in the spa last night after months of not drinking.

Or perhaps I had a too-good weekend and I’m following it up with some moping to balance things out.

Or perhaps it’s because I ate rice bubbles for breakfast instead of something healthy.

By jove I’ve got it! Thanks for reading through my self-analysis.

Moral of the story

Writing things down (or talking things out with a friend or coach) can make our thoughts and emotions suddenly very clear.

Much more clear than that monkey in our head running around banging cymbals.

Don’t eat shitty sugary cereals for breakfast! Definitely not with cream. Eat vegetables and eggs and salmon, or a green smoothie or something Dr Libby would eat.

As you can see, my mind isn’t articulating my ideas too well today; I blame the rice bubbles and late night.

Though my mind prefers to dream up more complex ideas of why I feel so MEH today, I know that the truth is really much more simple.

[bctt tweet=”If we eat crap and sleep late, our moods will suffer.”]

So tonight, my bum will be back on the wagon with an earlier night, and healthy breakfast and meditation tomorrow.

Sometimes a bloody good life really is that simple.

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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.