The day I met Dr. Libby

The day I met Dr. Libby

This weekend I took my legend Mum to Dr Libby’s weekend retreat in Sydney for her birthday.

Dr Libby = my not-new idol.

I aspire to inspire huge audiences with such tangible passion and genuine realness like Libby does- I’ve seen her talk 4-5 times and every time she cries with happiness about something random.

She’s so adorable, yet such a powerhouse of information and science based research that blows your mind.

I actually think she’s the most beautiful person I’ve maybe ever seen, it comes from somewhere deeper than physical appearances, though she is a babe also.

If you’re yet to know who Dr Libby is, make it your mission, she’s got some serious gold to share about living your bloody good life.

Start with her TED talk,

With a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, Dr Libby is just 100% legend, travelling round with her kiwi bloke husband (who turns out to be hilarious!), teaching women to live a bloody (healthy) good life in a practical and science based, yet completely relatable way. She’s one of the few people I’ve come across who has been able to translate the complex biochemical processes of the body into actionable and relatable steps to help women sort out their mad rollercoaster hormones and emotions so they can get to a life of bloody-goodness.

She emanates passion and enthusiasm for health and happiness.

I wish to have a small Dr Libby on hand at all times. Like a pocket sized one you can consult anytime you have a body or emotion related question.

What a legend.

I’m just putting it out there, universe, I want to have a proper chat with Dr Libby and Eckhart Tolle, my two idols. Not asking for much… Cheers.

I reckon it’s a bit nifty to find someone we can aspire to be like and see how they’ve gotten where they are and how we might be able to follow in their footsteps while still carving our own trail.

Do you have an idol? Comment here, I’d love to know who they are (or tag them if you’re mates on FB). I’m always looking to add to my two person list, but so far no one is cutting the mustard for genuineness, kindness and relatability quite like these two.

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