Don’t trust your mind, it’s an untrustworthy little cucumber

Don’t trust your mind, it’s an untrustworthy little cucumber

Today I realised I’ve been going round calling people “babestation” as a term of endearment without actually knowing what it means. I assumed it was a quote from a movie. A very off-her-chops girl on a superyacht I worked on in Ibiza used it for all us crew…

Get us another Bolly would you babestation.

She was the sweetest of all the drug-mushed babestations who’d chartered the yacht, the kind of babestations who you might otherwise describe as a word beginning with w and rhyming with anchors.

She was nice to me

(as I served her her 10th glass of Bollinger, so I liked her. And babestation stuck in my mind as a really fun thing to say, like a thing to say to people you appreciate.

Not long later, she was rave dancing in a bikini on the side of the boat and fell three stories into the water.

Luckily she caught onto the giant banner on the side of the boat advertising the billionaire dude’s event company. Much screaming ensued and one of the deckies had to jump in the tender and rescue this hot babe as she clung to the side of the banner.

He was devastated, naturally.

Today, a few years on I called one of my awesome virtual assistants “babestation” and then realised I should probably look up what it is.

Awkward Wiki result:

“Babestation is a British TV sex line which has aired since 2002.

The first show of its kind in the UK, it allows viewers to communicate live with female presenters…”


“Its sister stations and websites are of a hard core pornographic nature”


The point? I always have to have a point, see. I’m Mrs Point.

The point is - don’t trust your mind with using all the random unfounded info you accumulate over your life Click To TweetYour mind stores information from all over without validating it.

It might have stored a story that you’re stupid. That you’re not beautiful enough. That you’re not lovable enough. That you have to try to get people to like you. It might have stored a story that makes it a genius idea to call your VA a pornsite “presenter” in thanks for her good work.

And like me, you might take that non-validated info and repeat it (to yourself or others) for the rest of your life.

Your mind will have you believe that your thoughts are based on fact.

They’re not.

They’re silly sausages.

Stop listening.

Want to learn how?

Let’s chat.

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