Curled up in a ball under my desk crying

Curled up in a ball under my desk crying

After two very lovely weeks lying in a hammock

with my hands over my ears going LA-LA-LA-LAA

and pretending I don’t have a business to run and a million emails to answer, I’ve landed back in Melbourne and hit the ground running!

The overwhelm of the 5.4 to-do lists I had waiting for me (one was on an old envelope) hit me like a tonne of bricks and

just yesterday I found myself curled in a ball under my desk crying.

Which obviously didn’t help me get anything done!

And after such an epic holiday of relaxation too! What the hell.

Despite that minor interlude under the desk, I worked solidly from 9am-10pm, only went on Facebook 16 times, and didn’t snack on sugar for a change, yet I still really only achieved a 0 inbox, four hours with my lovely clients, and some much needed website edits.

Only being the operative word – even writing that, I realise that what I achieved is actually loads. Especially the zero inbox –

I’ve been fighting that battle for months!

But my mind (and your mind) has a tendency to say,

yea well, but you didn’t achieve THIS! And what about THAT?

You’re a failure.

The number one thing on my list – write FB posts, went onto the next day’s to do list, as it often does! So today I’m ticking it off early with a post about why I haven’t posted since I got back!

Today I’m feeling really calm and onto it, a far cry from yesterday’s panic, yet my work load hasn’t changed.

Why am I feeling calm today?

Because I got back into doing all the things I know I need to keep me from sketching out. I wrote a much more interesting article than this about it here 

What I learnt from yesterday’s kerfuffle:

  1. Grand plans of daily beach yoga and meditation on holiday are not so grand when you’re actually on holiday.
  1. Not exercising, doing yoga, nor meditating for two weeks turns me into a stress ball maniac as soon as the holiday ends. Next holiday will involve more of all. (Grand plan #2).
  1. Overwhelm and stress is all in the mind. I took some of my own advice and practiced a few mindfulness techniques, and now I’m back on form, ready to rock.
  1. Mindfulness is the most epic tool for procrastination and panic when your to do list seems like it’s going to attack you
  1. Having clients is the best mindfulness practice ever! Every hour I’m with clients is an hour that I’m completely focussed on them; completely in the moment; my mind chatter shuts off, and so my stress shuts off. It’s brilliant!
  1. I have the most awesome clients; so insightful and really kicking goals with their mindfulness practice, you guys rock like rocky things.

Have you heard? Mindfulness is the new cool thing to do.

Fancy joining me in my 90 day program to less stress and more bloody good? Have a read

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