Is creature of habiting keeping you stuck?

Is creature of habiting keeping you stuck?

We’re creatures of habit, we set up routines, and then we follow them.

But it can get pretty dull doing the same things day-in, day out

– same cocoa pops, same walk to work, same exercise routine, same TV shows.

When you get used to something your brain goes into autopilot and it allows your mind to wander off. When your mind is somewhere other than where you are, you’ll start to find that life becomes rather dull. You’ll constantly be seeking external things to try and fill the sense that something is missing.

What’s missing is your attention.

Changing it up is bloody important in getting interest and excitement back into the everyday.

Even small changes to your daily routine are enough to get your brain to wake up and PAY ATTENTION. It’s surprising how quickly this can make you feel like high giving strangers.

Walk a different way to work, try a new type of exercise (barre? cross fit? yoga? backgammon?), buy a vegetable you can’t pronounce, take up curling.

I have four different toothpastes to choose from each morning.

it’s radical stuff.

You travellers know what I’m talking about – CHANGE – it’s one of the key aspects in living a bloody good life. Where there is change and growth, there is inspiration and excitement.

Go change something- and report back- what are you going to change?

Pstttt – are you in NZ??

I’m thinking of running a workshop or two in New Zealand in March – wanna hang out with me and a bunch of like-minded, authentic legends?!

Click here to let me know what NZ city you’re near (or which main cities you’d be happy to join us in), and what you’d love to learn!

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