The bitchy chick who unexpectedly bought me flowers

The bitchy chick who unexpectedly bought me flowers

Today a chick who’s been a real bitch to me lately completely surprised me by buying me flowers.

Lately I’d been worrying a lot that she thinks I’m a dick.

When I tell her what I’m up to at work lately (a fair bit of procrastinating), she has a little barely-hidden judgemental look in her eyes.

She doesn’t say anything, but I know she’s rolling her eyes on the inside.

She’s actually probably my least generous friend.

She not really one to make me feel better about myself or big up my wins, she just talks about herself mainly.

I’m not even sure I should call her a friend to be honest,

she’s just been in my life such a long time.

Then, when I least expected it, she walked into a shop and brought these beautiful flowers over to my house, my favourite even – bush flowers that are pretty much not flowers, more like leaves disguised as flowers.

It totally made my day!

Kindness from someone who’s usually a bitch is a huge win!

Why do I keep this friend in my life (aside from the obvious flower buying), you might ask?


I keep her in my life because she’s me.

Be your own best friend.

Treat yourself like you give a shit from time to time.

Be kinder to yourself when you feel like you’re flailing at life.

Buy yourself some flowers.


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