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A romantic camping trip… to my balcony (complete with a campfire in a birdbath)

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My new man and I (????) had a week booked to go away camping and Airbnb-ing in regional Victoria the day after Melbourne lockdown round 2 was announced.

So we had a tantrum, beat our fists at the sky (and Dan Andrews), and sat on the couch moaning for a week instead.

Just kidding, we went camping on my balcony.

Our one week staycation included:

  • Head torch dinners outside on my camping BBQ
  • A highly romantic trip to ALDI
  • Sleeping under the stars (and street lights) with many, many beanies and socks on
  • A DIY Japanese yakitori and yuzu cocktails dress-up-for-a-change date night
  • My unpegged tent nearly blowing away in an unexpected wind storm
  • Yoga and meditating down by the Yarra River
  • Building with my new Makita table saw while Secret New Man set off into the wilderness* to forage for kindling. *The Melbourne Cricket Ground car park.
  • Guitars and toasted marshmallows around our new campfire (which shattered halfway through… probably not surprising given that it was actually a birdbath)

That was 2 months ago… and we’re still in Lockdown ????‍♀️

It’s been a long, drawn-out, confusing Covid sitch in Melbourne (and, most of the world), and I probably don’t have to tell you, people are getting a bit agitated about it.

Yesterday* I went to Kmart to buy some pajamas and trackies (work uniform) and a slow-cooker to suit my quarantine mood.

*Actually, not yesterday. It was the “yesterday” of 5 weeks ago before Melbourne went all hectic-next-level-curfew-lockdown-ninja on us.

AKA before the bastards shut Kmart and Bunnings, which pretty much ruined all my intended quarantine hobbies.

I arrived to find hundreds of people in a snaking, cordoned-off queue for Kmart, like a slow-cooker theme park.

People were getting nippy with each other, 1.5m distances were sparse, and Slow-Cooker Land tensions were high.

I gave up and went and bought a donut.

(Gluten-free!!! First donut I’ve had in 10 years. Yes ok, I bought 4 and ate them all.)

All in all, it’s been a time, hasn’t it?

There is one concept that has got me through it all, which has helped me not only accept, but even make the most of the rollercoaster of Covid (despite losing tonnes of money and business security and having many months of international trips to Sydney, Spain, the UK and San Diego cancelled).

I’ve shared this concept with you before, it’s definitely worth a re-read at this absolutely mad time:

How to accept something you can’t change when you’d really just rather punch something.

Here’s a bit of a summary in the meantime.

When we’re faced with any situation we have three options:

Leave it. Change it. Accept it.

LEAVE Covid? (Tried that – we can’t!)

CHANGE Covid? (Also can’t!)

Ok so, our only option left is to ACCEPT Covid/ the lockdown/ the emotional rollercoaster/ the uncertainty?

What most people seem to be doing right now is more along the lines of:

“Nah, you know what, I’m just gonna moan and complain and panic about it all instead.”

Now I don’t blame any of us for melting down and feeling many moments of worry and panic and anger all the other emotions.

However – we can go about it a lot more wisely using this simple concept that I stole from my mate Ecky Tolle. More about how to actually do it over here.

No matter your circumstances – no matter how badly you or your family, your job, your financial security, or your sanity (homeschooling parents I’m looking at you – you absolute superheroes!) have been affected, you still only have three sane options.

Leave it, change it or accept it.

(And set up a tent on your balcony)

All else is madness.

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