11 Questions for the Bloody Goodest of new years

11 Questions for the Bloody Goodest of new years

Happy New Year from Project Self!!!

May 2016 be your most bloody good year yet, full of growth, ninjaesque life mastery and kiwifruit pavlova.

I’ve made a list of questions for you to get your mind ticking over about what areas of life you want to focus on this year to make it as bloody good as it can be.

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We all want to have the most fulfilling year ever, I suspect.

My personal opinion is that a sense of fulfilment comes from:


Personal growth comes from change, exploring, learning, stepping outside your comfort zone


… in some way, small or mammoth.

This includes anything from being a legend mate/ family member, to solving a problem that helps people straighten their hair without burning their ears, to random acts of kindness, to working in a homeless shelter, to smiling at someone on the train, to building roofs in Nicaragua.

I’ve always thought it was rooves, but alas, I am wrong. Roofs? Really?


/ something to work towards. A purpose need not be a lifelong passion that you change your career for. Though that is very, very fun.

A purpose could be anything from changing the world by making post it notes that don’t fall off the wall when you open a window, to being the most excellent friend/ girlfriend/ husband/ colleague/ mother/ human you can possibly be, and never leaving mouldy food in the fridge for more than a week.


Seriously man. You can’t live a bloody good life unless you’re able to focus on what you’re doing here and NOW.

If your mind is dwelling on the past or racing to the future, you will never feel like you’ve reached what you’re seeking. Seriously. Happiness is never coming in the future. It’s now or never. Checkout Bloody Good Life 101 if you need a leg up on this one.


So tell me – what areas of life do you want to explore and grow in 2016?

I’ve created a wee questionnaire for you! It’s for you to help you work out some bloody good life goals for the year ahead!

At the end you’ll be able to see everyone else’s answers (it’s anonymous) – so you can steal others ideas and have an even better 2016 than them! Nah, there’s enough bloody goodness for everyone :D

I’ve filled my own answers in, so you can see those too once you’ve done the survey.



I encourage you to look at ALL the puzzle pieces that make up your life and work out how you can make each one more bloody good and less “Yea, fine thanks”. This is what Project Self is all about.

It’s about mastering the art of living this rather puzzling bloody good life.

Did I mention? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yippee, the number 2016 is way better than 2015, I like it already!

My intuitive universe palm reading skills tell me it’s going to be a massive year of growth, bloody goodness and the perfect gluten free naan bread.

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