Sex… why not study it like a career?

Sex… why not study it like a career?

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There’s so much info out there on sex, why aren’t we all studying to be a legend in the bedroom in the same way we study for our career!?

I spent so many years not knowing my own body and thinking it was the dude’s job to work it out for me! Guess what – not the case!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about sex from Project Self, it’s one of my favourite topics, and frankly, I don’t see enough open minded conversation about how to do it properly. We pretend we already know all the answers, but do we really?

Porn, high school education, and the Cosmo sealed section don’t cut it when it comes to actually knowing what you’re doing… with your own body or your partner’s. Owning your sexuality and getting excited about exploring it is a massive part of living a bloody good life, and one that many people let fall by the wayside when they get too busy.

Treat sex (with yourself or a partner) like exercise – it’s something that you should enjoy and do regularly to maintain your health and happiness… if you don’t enjoy it enough to want it frequently (especially females) – do everything you can to learn how!

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