Who put raw eggs in my bag

Who put raw eggs in my bag

On the day before we left for Bali I boiled four eggs to bring with us because I can’t eat plane food, and then Bloody Good Chap boiled four eggs for breakfast the morning we left, but when we got on the flight,

I found four raw eggs cracked in my bag.

It turned out BGC had reboiled the four eggs I’d already cooked; we’d eaten them for breakfast and then he’d packed four raw eggs in my bag for our plane lunch. I found it hilarious, so I’m sharing it with you incase it makes you fold over with laughter in an airport like I did. Though I was hangry later on.

Also I was cold and Air Asia don’t give you blankets unless you prepay online. You also have to pay for water, $3 for a miniscule bottle. Surely that’s illegal? Luckily I was only cold and hangry and thirsty and tired for 6 hours.

But then we got a 1 hour massage for $8 when we arrived and all was well in the world.

Then we went to a cafe and Bloody Good Chap said “it’s nice to eat somewhere without a bicycle on the wall for a change.”


But then we were recommended the best coffee joint in Ubud, Seneman cafe, and by god they had a bicycle on the wall!

This post has absolutely no relevance to anything.

We’re going to a comedy show tonight (yippee! Why don’t we do this every night, I don’t know, what better thing is there to do than sit and laugh all night?), so I’m trying out some comedy of my own – courtesy of Bloody Good Chap. He comes up with the best one liners, I’m thinking of starting a “Bloody Good Chap quote of the day Tuesday.”

Also it’s a 33 degree day in Melbourne today and my brain can’t be bothered coming up with anything too deep.

Have a splendid weekend full of laughs and hopefully no raw eggs xx

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