How to tackle the new year head on

How to tackle the new year head on

See what I did with the soccer puns there?
Yep, I kicked the ball into the neighbour’s after this shot. Had to climb a fence to retrieve it.

Thank Beckham, I’m back at soccer after a month off!

Though I did not bend it particularly like Beckham, a dude kneed (kneeed?) me in the knee and now I can’t walk properly. But it’s all good.

A few weeks of Christmassy sugar binging and not-much-exercise and bam – my feelings are all out of whack and I’m bursting into tears at JB Hi Fi because there are just TOO MANY ROUTERS to choose from.

Over the holidays I found myself lying in a hammock watching Love Actually and engulfed in pavlova.

I did some yoga and some half assed paddling in the sea, but certainly nothing strenuous.

Not many of us have the drive to maintain our 6am morning run schedule ever, let alone over New Years.

And then we get back into January/ real life and wonder why we’re feeling a bit out of sorts..

I’m all for taking a break from routines (and everyday life), for sure, but if you’ve started to notice that the year seems to be too hard already, you might consider getting back to basics.

Bit of exercise, bit less less crap food, bit more vegetables, bit less peach schnapps, bit more water.

I never used to bother with those “healthy people” things until I realised how significantly they affect my happiness. Now I’m blending spinach like it’s nobody’s business. Healthy body = healthy hormones = healthy happiness levels. And sex drive and brain function and tolerance to drivers who don’t indicate, and all those very important things.

So if you’re anything like me and you fell off the wagon over the holidays, just make a decision to get back on it. This instant.

Don’t overcomplicate it (your mind loves to make you think it’s a much bigger deal than it is.)

All it takes is one run and you’re back in the game.

Don’t give yourself any excuses, don’t even think about it, lay out your exercise gear ready for tomorrow morning (or after work), get up and go – preferably outside – for a run, walk, yoga, soccer, lawn bowls whatever floats your boat.

When you exercise more you often naturally start wanting healthier foods, it’s a win-win.

Sometimes we let the enormity of our grand plans for the new year overwhelm us into doing nothing.

So make it simple, start small, commit to 20 mins of moving – dancing, walking, whatever will get you going. Make a list of things you enjoy doing, and pick something different every day. Go do that now.

The end

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