Confessions of an untamed mind

Confessions of an untamed mind

I’ve only shown this video to Bloody Good Chap.

Apart from worrying I’ll look like a dick, I’ve also had this fear that you guys will think of me a certain way from the way I write and the photos I post, and what if you don’t think I’m cool after watching me on stage?! So I was (am) nervous posting this – now you’ll see how not-perfect I am, which I’ve spent my life trying to hide!

And you’ll hear that I have this Kiwi accent, when really I JUST WISH I WAS IRISH!

But so many of you asked if I could show you my Pecha Kucha talk I gave in Bali a couple of weeks ago, about the voice in my head, and Project Self is meant to be all about straight up honesty and realness – so – I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway! – here’s video, agh!

I was bloody nervous speaking in front of 260 people for the first time ever

(I haven’t done public speaking since speeches in high school, which I hated!), and I only had a few days to prepare, so I ended up taking notes on stage and messing up quite a lot of what I wanted to say. (Which I only realised just now after watching the recording. At the time I blanked the whole thing out!)

Public speaking used to be my worst fear,

and I found that when I got up on stage the old triggers of panic were still soundly embedded in me, but unlike before, I’m now able to face my fears and do things anyway – all thanks to what I learnt a few years ago (which I talk about in the video).

Have you checked out our blog lately? I’ve written about overcoming procrastination, increasing confidence, and how not to lie awake at night thinking so much (among many other things)! Check out all our posts here.


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G'day, I'm Andrea

I'm a mindfulness facilitator and former cynical pessimist.

I used to be an awkward, pessimistic, overachiever.

Life looked good on the outside, but on the inside things were average.

I was indecisive, I didn't know what to do with my life, I self-sabotaged the hell out of my relationships.

I had a feeling I was going to keep f-ing things up for myself unless something radical changed.

The life handbrake-turn that followed over the next few years came as the result of learning what I now teach in my unconventional mind-taming program for indecisive overachievers - Bloody Good Life. Just practical, relatable techniques without any rainbow and butterfly jibber jabber.