Today I decided to take most of the day off because I worked all last weekend freaking out about my Pecha Kucha talk.

Even though I’ve been working very long days while I’ve been in Bali (someone tear me away!), I STILL feel a pang of guilt for not working today.

What is that?!

Why do we work our asses off and then still feel guilty chilling out for a minute?

Why do we even feel we have to “earn it” before we take a break?

I think this is especially the cause for women. We’re working to prove ourselves in some way. Usually to ourselves more than anyone else.

I always tell myself I’ll give myself a break/ an evening off after a long day of coaching, but then I work a bit more, and then a bit more, and then it’s 11pm and I’m cooking green beans for dinner because that’s all I have and I just got home. How’s that for self care?

As soon as we accomplish one thing the mind says, Ok great, well done and stuff, NEXT!

Til we’re 101.

I think for most of us it stems back to a time in our childhood where something really random happened (traumatic or trivial) and we decided that we were “not good enough” in some way.

I decided I wasn’t pretty enough, popular enough, funny enough, charismatic enough.

So I tried to make up for it by working hard and achieving, which has become a pattern throughout my life.

But no amount of work is ever “enough” because enough is a concept of the mind- what is enough? There is no such thing!

It’s a pretty weird word actually, I don’t like it.

So give yourself a break, do something nice for yourself, take the day off, even if you haven’t done “enough”.

And just ride out the feelings of guilt or discomfort until you’re lying in a deckchair overlooking a rice paddy and damn well enjoying yourself!

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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.