My boyfriend (oo, I said boyfriend!) calls me a


Normal hippie.

I think the term actually came from my Peruvian friend.

I live what looks like a very normal (ish,) but secretly, (hah, you already know I have no secrets) hippie life. I’m mad into yoga, no longer just for the Lululemon bendy legs, I have 7 types of incense around my house, 4 types of natural toothpastes to choose from each morning, I drink apple cider vinegar with warm water when I wake up, sleep on an earthing sheet like the Tour de France guys and write in a gratitude journal and meditate for 20 mins every day.

I don’t have a TV,

I have a vitamin-C chlorine filter for my shower,

I eat mostly organic food and WAY more vegetables than my 2-minute-noodles+red-bull days (they were zero vegetable days), I have a garden (though I had to get Bloody Good Chap to help me put in a watering system so I stop killing everything with ignorance).

I also swear, use normal toxic deodorant and Colgate,

I use perfume (just not on my skin anymore), and have a love-hate relationship with my iPhone and all the many forms of technology strewn around my house beeping at me. I sometimes spray my garden with nearly-organic bug spray because the caterpillars keep eating all my damn bok choy. I’m loud and blunt at times, certainly not floaty or ethereal, and my favourite thing to do is build furniture with power tools. I mostly wear pants. (Albe-them usually yoga pants).

You won’t catch me whitling a stick into a flute with a knife or anything like that.

Most of the hippie things I do I do because I’ve read the science behind them.

Or in some cases, because I use myself as my own science project – if I try something out and it makes life bloody good, I conclude that it is therefore worth my while. I no longer need science to prove things for me – I rely on my own experience, rather than my cynical mind which spent so long overthinking everything and keeping me stuck in an unhappy rut.

Here’s to being a Norpie!

There seems to be a huge wave or Norpie-ism going on, every man and his dog is catching on to meditation, yoga, mindfulness, getting back to nature, realising that there’s more to life than an unfulfilling job and status based success.

I’m bloody loving it! So many norpie friends to hang out with these days – us black sheep are banding together – watch out white sheep, you’ll soon be the odd ones out! (Not that that matters, it’s probably best that none of us are sheep. Their lives look dull.)

If you’re not a norpie yet, get into it, all this hippie shit is super fun,

science or no science!

Want more practical norpie-ism in your bloody good life? 


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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.