A mind taming challenge for your monkey mind
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A 6 day video challenge with practical, fun tips on how to tame your mind and get clear on who you are and what you want.
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I love the way you teach!
I've struggled with the concept of mindfulness for a few years now but the way you explain it just sits really well with me. I'm so happy I stumbled across you! A heartfelt thank you for your wonderful teachings!
- Christina
Why the heck have I not heard of this concept before??
This is awesome! Already it's made such a difference and I've made some better decisions based on what I learnt, it's bloody brilliant!!
- Rebecca
This challenge has made such a difference!
I loved this challenge! I'm so much more aware of my mind and it's power over my day.. it makes such a difference. Thanks so much for making this such an easy and effective course xx
- Suzy