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Laugh at the ridiculous situations I get myself into, while feeling smug that perhaps you're not so uniquely mad after all...

+ Learn to tame your mind so you can quit overthinking, get clear on big life decisions, and stop snapping at your partner/ kids/ guinea pig

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Not your typical self-help author
I always hold a bit of cynicism as to how ‘perfect’ and ‘figured out’ self-help authors really are. Andrea doesn't hide behind a pretence and people adore her for that.
- Suresh
Bloody hilarious!
Your emails are bloody hilarious, fun and enticing! It’s refreshing to get emails that make you laugh out loud. I tend to opt out of most emails, but I love when yours come in and read every one!
- Jaclyn
It's a relief to know I'm not crazy!
It’s like you climbed into my mind and threw my brain jumble into a proper order of words. I LOVE your emails. I resonate with every one of them and the relief to know I’m not alone and crazy is incredible!

- Katie, UK
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