Signing up for BGL and learning what Andrea has taught me will always be the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am just so much happier in every way. I am more patient, kind, I enjoy the simple things, and I have my zest for life back!


The full story:

I found I was always getting annoyed with every little thing. I’d raise my voice or lose my temper with someone or something constantly – (yes objects got a telling off as well). It always seemed to be everyone else’s fault, not my own. I was self centred and never considered what others were thinking or feeling. I had had enough of my moodiness, negativity and constant mind chatter. I wanted to be a better mum for my girls.

I was always shouting and getting angry over minor things.

I was suffering depression and anxiety. I couldn’t figure out why I was suffering like this when I have such a beautiful family, home and so lucky to live the life I have.

I came across BGL through an instagram advert about a free course. As soon as I signed up and took part in the free course, I knew I wanted more. I wasn’t the only one with crazy thoughts and a busy mind.

I am more patient, kind, happier and have my zest for life back.

I enjoy the simple things. It has helped me to highlight my most important beliefs and values that I want to align my life with. 

Pre BGL, I never even knew about mindfulness. I honestly just assumed I was crazy!

I loved every aspect of the course and will miss the live calls so much. They were so reassuring and it was also really helpful looking at everything from another perspective.

I am so grateful to have lifetime access to this brilliant resource.

The online training videos were super valuable. I will continue to watch them over and over. I know I can come back to them and find everything I need in one place.

The group of awesome humans were such a special group of people and I will continue to keep in touch with them. I found it so useful to share thoughts with the group and see everyone’s feedback.

Andrea’s support was just brilliant and so insightful too.

The workbook was a great point of focus and I am sure I will keep going back to it.

The module resources were super useful and so well selected to compliment the course.

Signing up for BGL and learning what Andrea has taught me will always be the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am just so much happier in every way. This is not a quick fix but a lifelong practice and now I have all the tools to make my life better.

Thank you Andrea for being so bloody awesome and changing my life.


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