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Andrea is an INCREDIBLE teacher.

BGL has honestly changed my life and improved the lives of those around me who felt the negative effects of the old me. I cannot thank you enough!

Andrea is approachable, relatable, credible, passionate, supportive, encouraging, straight-talking, calm, clear, knowledgeable, inspirational!

- Keri, NZ
A truly fantastic course!
I can't recommend Andrea and this course highly enough! It has literally changed my life, not by making my problems go away, but by helping me to see things from a different perspective, to take a step back, breathe and most importantly be kind to myself and others more.

A truly fantastic course.
- Emma, UK
BGL has changed my life in so many ways!
I've spent years reading self-help books, trying meditation and yoga, but BGL and Andrea are the best bloody things I have tried yet!

For the first time things have started to make sense and bit by bit I am finding peace and clarity in my life.

BGL is a breath of fresh air and has changed my life in so many ways!
- Rosie, Aus