Weighed down by negative thoughts?

Does your mind feel chockas full of STUFF? Insecure?
Envious of others’ travelly insta lives?



You’d really quite like…

  • The confidence to say HELL YES I know what I’m doing with my life.
  • Charisma that makes people want to high five you at all times.
  • Leap-out-of-bed energy so you can put more into your friendships and relationships. And have more sex.
  • The ability to make your mind chill the f%*k out so you can relax without a screen.
  • The willpower to follow through with your goals so that you look back on your life with pride.
  • To be so busy doing awesome shit that you’ve no time to compare your life to others.
  • The self-assurance to make decisions that see you travelling to exotic destinations; quitting your passionless job to find one that makes your eyes sparkle; or making a move on that babe (whether they’re already yours or not!).

G’day, I’m Andrea

7 years ago, I looked like I had it all together. If you asked me how I was, I’d tell you everything was great, but you might have noticed there wasn’t a light behind my eyes. Inside, I was questioning everything, I’d lie awake at night worrying what others thought of me… my mind was very negative and it was hard to keep pretending it wasn’t.

At bars, I’d laugh enthusiastically at friends’ jokes even when I couldn’t hear them, waiting for the perfect dude to realise I was special and come and fill the void where my happiness should live. I put a lot of energy into constructing a persona – and a life – that looked ‘really good’, ticking off goals one-by-one, only to be disappointed by the anti-climax of having achieved them.

I thought: “Goddamnit, when is this gnawing lack of fulfillment going to bugger off?”

Then, one fateful day, as I sat in a wanky architecture discussion, my stomach dropped as my gut instinct finally piped up:

“Not this.”

It didn’t have any advice for what to do instead, but the message was too loud to ignore…so, I quit my Masters and continued on a worldwide journey to find some answers. Along way I met, Cliff, a boss who took pity on this sometimes cheerful, sometimes moody-as-all-hell creature called Andrea and suggested I try out this thing called mindfulness.

I thought mindfulness sounded like total crap.

But, Cliff was one of the most happy, successful (in all aspects of life) people I’d ever met so I figured he must have known something I didn’t. I decided to give it a shot and have never looked back. By practicing the techniques I built up over the next few years’ research and practice as I travelled, I learnt to tame my mind.


Thank F#*k!

With my mind finally in check, I could hear my gut instinct more clearly, and I was able to work out who I am and what I really want in life. All aspects of my life started to feel easier; more exciting and my confidence grew, exponentially.

Even though I still don’t know 99.7% of the answers, I don’t overthink things and procrastinate like I used to. I’m able to accept and enjoy things as they are, even when life is mad. The sense of peace and happiness I feel now is a far (high pitched) cry from my formerly insecure, pessimistic self.

For four years now, I’ve been teaching legends how to find their sense of self by taming their minds, and I’ve developed and honed the most practical, fun and relatable mindfulness course out there, my signature mind-taming program:


Bloody Good Life LIVE!

Bloody Good Life LIVE


is an unconventional, 10 week group program specially designed for us indecisive overachievers and those of us who may raise an eyebrow or two at mindfulness.

Bloody Good Life LIVE is for you if:

  • You’re indecisive about the future. And what to have for dinner.
  • You don’t have as much energy as you used to. You spend the day dreaming of couches.
  • Your mind is so full of STUFF.
  • You’re not so sure your career is all it was cracked up to be.
  • You feel like something is missing, no matter what you achieve
  • You kick yourself for not having enough willpower to stick to your goals. Who put those Cocoa Pops in my trolley?
  • You find yourself envious of others’ travelly Facebook lives. Smug bastards.
  • You wake up and press snooze til you’re later than late.
  • You easily lose focus and motivation. A quick Insta break turns into an hour long scroll.

Perhaps you’re pondering…

“Why the bloody hell should I listen to you, Dre?”

(Gosh, we’ve skipped right ahead to nickname basis…!)

I went from being a former self-professed pessimist who was as insecure as a wibbly jelly fish, unsure about my career, numb and a snappy trout with her boyfriends, to a positive, excitable, open person who travels the world teaching people about the very thing that changed my life. I’m a living example of the powerful benefits of implementing mindfulness in your life.

Having mentored 300+ people from all over the world on the techniques in Bloody Good Life LIVE, I know for sure that the very thing that changed my life, changes others’ too.

I’m incredibly honest, and a complete open book for those in my programs.

I put 120% into everyone that works with me and, being able to watch legends like you change your life, is the reason I do what I do.

Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer and sign up NOW!!

This was by far the best value for money course ever. I was feeling very negative, bored in life, stuck, wanting to change but unsure of how to move forward and finding it hard to appreciate anything.

Since BGL 101 I have seen very clear shifts in my daily thoughts, habits and routines. Thank you Andrea, you have honestly changed my life! Anyone considering doing this course, you must! It is bloody brilliant!!!

Heather, Educational Publishing, Dubai

Everyone must do this course! It’s LIFE CHANGING!

Before BGL I was an expert catastrophiser. I suffered from anxiety and mood swings, and was constantly feeling let down.

Now, I can reign in my busy mind and stop spinning one negative thought into an entire bad week! BGL has helped me to be much calmer, I have also (apparently) become a nicer person to be around as I am now much more capable of managing my reactions to a situation, and I’m finding joy in the small things.

Sarah, Customer Services Manager, NZ

I have rediscovered what makes me happy

I was stuck in my mind, constantly anxious about what other people were thinking of me. I had lost the ability to appreciate and love myself.

BGL changed my life. BGL has contributed to every aspect of my life. I feel content with who I am and I am so much happier in my own company than ever before. I have started to love myself. I am viewing things with a much clearer perspective, and I have a much more positive outlook on the world around me.

Mel, Nurse, Aus

I reckon I know what you’re thinking in that busy noggin of yours…

Right now your mind is going into uncertainty overdrive wondering about trying the program:

  • Can I really afford it?
  • How is it different from all the other stuff out there?
  • Do I really need to do this NOW?

Well, I can tell ya…

If, for any reason (including if you sense any rainbow-and-butterfly-bollocksness) you’re not as happy as Larry with Bloody Good Life LIVE, just shoot me an email with why you’re not happy, within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll give you all your money back.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So there’s absolutely no risk! Sweet.

Bloody Good Life LIVE is only open for registration for 7 days. After which I’ll be closing the doors and you’ll have to wait till next time (and I can’t say when that will be, if I’m honest)

The other mindfulness course paled in comparison

I actually did a mindfulness course between finishing the 6 days to decisiveness course and finally decided to commit to BGL. The other course covered similar topics to Andrea’s BGL but it absolutely paled in comparison to the honesty and the engagement I found with BGL.

I am so grateful and thrilled I did it, it’s the most incredible course, my friends have even noticed a positive change in me. BGL changed everything!”




Skip the rest of the jazz and join us!


Instead of being held back by all these common (bloody annoying) problems…

  • Stuck in indecision
  • Getting caught up in negative thinking
  • Losing confidence
  • Feeling mentally and physically drained by all the overthinking
  • Reacting to situations in the heat of the moment and regretting it later
  • Questioning your decisions constantly
  • Feeling insecure that you don’t know what you’re doing with your life
  • Being ruled by your mind or emotions

After Bloody Good Life LIVE, you’ll be able to:

Find your sense of self

Let go of the rubbish your mind tells you so you can become the charismatic person who knows what they want

Nix self sabotaging

Observe and manage your emotions so that they don’t meddle with you following through on what you really want

Reduce negative thought spirals

Nip that negative nancy (in your head) in the bud so you can use your mental energy for more important things

Focus on what matters

Nix the procrastination and stop getting sidetracked by ALL THE THINGS so you stay on track to get where you want to be

Make decisions

Get clear as clear nail polish on what you want so you can make important decisions & stop questioning yourself

Not sweat the small stuff

Learn to be as calm as a cucumber and let go of the little things so that you’ve got the energy left to enjoy your bloody good life

You’ll also learn how to…

Manage rollercoaster emotions

Manage your stress and emotions like a boss before you self combust and bugger up all your Bumble relationships

Get confident like Clooney

Take your mind less seriously so you can feel at ease in your own skin no matter what life flings at you

Feel joy and excitement

Appreciate the little things so you can enjoy life to the fullest rather than letting it pass you by in a flurry of thoughts

Bloody Good Life LIVE is time sensitive yo!

Which means, if you don’t sign up now (cart is open for T-minus 7 days & counting) you’ll have to wait till the next round of entry.


(Seriously, we’ve had such success with Bloody Good Life LIVE that this is currently my FOURTH round of intakes and I’m not sure how many more I’ll be doing).

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Invisible row
MODULE 1: The bloody good life wheel
Do you ever think “I just need some time to think about what I want from my life” but then 5 years whiz by and you still haven’t quite found time?

In this module you’ll be finally making time for yourself to work out what you want from your life. We’ll take a good look at where you’re at with 18 areas of your life – what’s going well, what’s not going well, and what can you do to up your game in the bloody good life stakes. I’ll give you a framework to help your wandering mind stay in the game, and we’ll work it out step by step.

MODULE 2: A closer look at the voice in your head
Ever wondered how that voice in your head got so narky? Ever wondered who that is, that little voice we call our mind? Is it you? And if not, who is it?

You’ll learn all about your mind, what it’s up to, whether it can be trusted, how it came to be this way, and what to do about it. In this module you’ll begin your mindfulness journey – this is where the magic happens.

After this module your life will literally never be the same.

MODULE 3: Triggers & the science of stressing less
Ever wondered how to stop snapping and how to feel more in control of your emotions? How not to go red and stuttery in meetings? How to manage your stress response? This module is gold.

You’ll learn all about what happens when we’re triggered, what your specific triggers are and where they came from, and what the devil to do when you find yourself flying off the handle because some guy cut you off in traffic. And how to switch off when you’re lying in bed seething at your neighbour for leaving their bins on your footpath.

MODULE 4: You speak 3 extra languages
Say what? No I don’t? Even if you don’t, I’ll convince you that you do.

You will learn to understand these languages you weren’t aware of and how to use them to help you drop your crazy ass mind chatter, worries and regrets and get focussed on what’s important: your bloody good life – right here, right now.

MODULE 5: Emotion ninja tricks & confident cucumbers
Ever been taken over by your emotions so strongly that you said a bunch of stuff and lashed out accidentally, then kicked yourself for for a week after? Ever wondered how you can stop freaking out and saying weird things in social situations, or how to manage jealousy, sadness, random biteyness and moods?

You’ll learn all about emotions, what they are, how your thoughts and your emotions work together, and what the bloody hell to do about it so you can become zen as a monk in the eye of a storm and feel like you’re finally one of those confident, cool, calm and collected cucumbers.

MODULE 6: How to tame your mind, & that damn meditation thing
Wondering how on earth you can stop your brain from thinking so that you can sit still for 30 seconds without jumping up to vacuum the house? Feel like meditation is for other folks? Not 100% sure how to feel buckets of joy anymore?

You’ll learn the ins and outs of meditation for practical people with busy minds that just. Won’t. Stop. You’ll also learn how to get more joy out of daily life, and how to rein in your mind when it’s wandering to suspiciously unhelpful thoughts.

MODULE 7: The plastic brain & upping your grin quota
Ever wondered how some people are annoyingly happy all the time, and some people are meh and pessimistic?

You’ll learn what’s up with your brain, why it’s so damn hard to make yourself do some things, even when you know they’re good for you, and what to do about it, plus a load of scientifically validated techniques to get you waking up with a grin on Tuesday mornings. You’ll be jumping for joy and high fiving strangers, but in a cool, calm, collected cucumber way.

MODULE 8: How to stop procrastinating & other big questions
Ever found yourself pondering the big questions in life? How to be more decisive, how to be more creative, how to be less reactive, how to find your “self”, how to feel more joy, how to stop procrastinating, how to deal with overwhelm, how to stop self-sabotaging, how to be more confident, how to love yourself more, and how to handle any situation with swag? Whatever that is.

In this module you’ll learn the Tea Pot Trick for making decisions with ease. You’ll get all the answers on how to piece what we’ve learnt together to answer the big questions in life. You’ll see how it all fits together like one giant puzzle of bloody goodness, and how you can use everything you’ve learnt to keep changing your life and the lives of those around you forever after.

Invisible row
BONUS MODULE 1: My story
My personal story, from architecture, being stuck in indecision & pessimism, the dude that changed my life, roller coaster relationships, to vacuuming ceilings and how practicing mindfulness propelled me out of the water I was treading and into an unfathomably bloody good life.

My wish is that this bonus video will inspire you to see what’s possible for your own life when you tame your mind.

BONUS MODULE 2: Sex & Mindfulness

A very honest video series about how sex & mindfulness have changed my life and relationships and how you can use these concepts to change yours too.


This bonus module includes:

  • The biggest revelations in my sex-journey and how they’ll enable you to build an amazing relationship from an entirely new perspective
  • How “wearing the pants” in the relationship might be interfering with your sex drive and what to do about it
  • A comprehensive list of my favourite sex-related resources to kick off your sexual-self-development journey
  • How to use sex as a mindfulness practice to get clear on your sense of self

By the end of it, you’ll have a completely different perspective on sex drive and intimacy that will kick start your exciting new sex life, whether you’re single or in a relationship!

BONUS MODULE 3: Yin yoga for practical folks

In this bonus video series, Jen Crescenzo (a world class yin yoga teacher and a practical, type A, achievement oriented, formerly highly strung human) and I discuss how yin yoga teaches you mindfulness while also satisfying our need to always be “doing” something. Jen will discuss how to focus your attention so you can drop strong reactions and negative emotions so that your everyday life will become infinitely more bloody lovely.

In this bonus module, you’ll also learn:

  • How to reduce stress, anxiety, and snappy-trout syndrome with special exercises that I use on an almost daily basis – these work like a charm
  • Comfort zone leaping techniques that will turn the discomfort that holds you back in life into excitement that will propel you to where you want to be
  • Routines that will make your body AND mind bendy, and loads more!

What does the program include?

8 Video Training Modules (10 weeks)

I’ll teach you all the techniques that have changed my life, alongside personal stories that you can relate to and practical ways for you to implement them in your own life. You’ll feel like I’m chatting to you 1-1, just a whole lot less expensive!

40+ Bite-Sized Videos

Each module is broken down into bite sized and snappy pieces, so that you can fully implement them at your own pace and fit them into your busy schedule.

2 Break Weeks

Consolidate everything you’ve learned so far on our two break weeks. Or just have a nap.


So you go deeper on all of the modules and come back to them again and again – you’ll learn something new every time as your perspective shifts.

Audio & Transcript Downloads


Listen to the modules on the way to work or read the written transcripts on the train, fit the program into your day without having to carve out extra time.

Printable PDF Workbooks


Practical action steps that guide you step-by-step through the process with no confusion. No “just love yourself more” type shenanigans – I’ll explain exactly what to do to implement these techniques in your life – for real!

Online Resources & Studies


Expand your knowledge on every topic with a curated list of articles, studies and external videos that back up each module and blow your mind at all the amazing things you can’t believe you never knew.

Live Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Community & Support Calls

6 x 90 Minute Zoom Calls

Make friends all over the world, learn how humans learn best – through the honest stories of others. Nod in amazement at how others’ struggles and triumphs sound so much like yours, and get answers to questions that you’ve always wanted to know but never would have thought to ask.

Live Call recordings

All calls will be recorded so if you can’t make a session you can still email us and get your questions answered, and come back and re-watch the recordings anytime during the program.

Private Facebook Group

Hang out with amazing, honest, open people from all over the world, arrange in-person meet-ups in your city, and get support from everyone in the group.

Full Support

From Andrea and the super friendly Project Self team, your questions answered as they arise.

3 Bloody Brilliant Bonuses

Sex &

Yin Yoga
for Practical

My Story

In these bonus modules you’ll learn:

  • The biggest revelations in my sex-journey and how they’ll enable you to build an amazing relationship from an entirely new perspective.
  • How “wearing the pants” might be interfering with your sex drive.
  • How to use sex as a mindfulness practice to get clear on your sense of self.
  • How to reduce stress, anxiety, and snappy-trout syndrome with special exercises that I use on an almost daily basis – these work like a charm.
  • Comfort zone leaping techniques that will turn the discomfort that holds you back in life into excitement that will propel you to where you want to be.

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/phone/carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
587 USD  487 USD
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)


6 payments of
114 USD  97 USD/month
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/phone/carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
$587 USD
760 AUD/ 797 NZD/ 418 GBP


6 payments of
$114 USD / month
149 AUD/ 157 NZD/ 79 GBP

I feel clearer and calmer. BGL is a small price to pay for what you gain from it!

I felt stuck in every way, in my work, in my relationships, in my head. I overthought everything and actually felt that if I didn’t do something about it I would go completely insane.

Now, I feel clearer, calmer and have a toolkit for life. You’ll meet like minded people and feel fully supported throughout. You MUST do it! Thank you so much Andrea!!

Samantha, Social worker, UK

The personalisation in this course was just outstanding

I came in to BGL as a complete mindfulness virgin. I feel like my now developing knowledge of it is changing my life one day at a time. I have learnt invaluable tools for managing my stress and know there is so much deeper to go. Andrea was an absolutely wonderful guide, no question was too silly or too huge and the personalisation within the course was just outstanding.

Alicia, AUS

Since BGL I have a sense of calm inside me and it feels amazing.

I was constantly snapping at my partner, blaming him for stuff that wasn’t his fault and saying hurtful things to him, then IMMEDIATELY regretting it but not being able to calm myself down enough to apologise.

Since BGL, I have a sense of calm inside me and it feels amazing. I have learnt so much from Andrea and the program, I would recommend everyone in the world do it. It is absolutely life-changing and so worth the time and the effort.

Amy, Payroll, AUS

It’s all about taming that chap in your head.

Some call it mindfulness.
I call it living a Bloody Good Life.

Without it, you’ll never be satisfied with what you have, you’ll always want more, and it will always seem like something is missing.

With the Bloody Good Life LIVE mind taming tricks, anything is possible. Get clear on your direction, quit the procrastination & stride into your bloody good life.

I have spent years on personal development, but BGL is the best bloody thing I have tried yet!

I was feeling unsettled, lacking confidence and suffering from low self-esteem. I wasn’t happy in my job or my relationships. I have spent years reading self help and personal development books, trying mediation and different types of yoga but BGL is the best bloody thing I have tried yet!!

It seriously changed my life and my way of relating to and thinking about the world! It has helped me to become much more relaxed and calm, seriously reduced my stress and anxiety, improved my relationships and I am experiencing more joy and satisfaction in my day to day life.

Rosie, QLD

I am feeling a massive increase in self-esteem and happiness

I would find myself getting all lost in emotions. I was going at 100 mph without knowing why I was doing things and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing for me.

BGL has made me feel so much better equipped to deal with life, love and everything that comes with it. I am feeling a massive increase in self-esteem and happiness. I’d recommend this course to absolutely everyone!

Jen, Sustainability lecturer, UK

It. Was. Incredible.

Life changing, insightful, fun and has changed the way I will be and think forever. The course has been truly brilliant. Andrea is inspirational, honest and a total breath of fresh air.

BGL101 is life changing and not for the feint hearted, it’s a real journey- if I could recommend another human to do one course it would be this one. The whole course is amazingly guided, well informed and fun all at once. Brilliant.

Rachel, Conservationist, UK

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/phone/carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
587 USD  487 USD
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)


6 payments of
114 USD  97 USD/month
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/phone/carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
$587 USD
760 AUD/ 797 NZD/ 418 GBP


6 monthly payments of
$114 USD
149 AUD/ 157 NZD/ 79 GBP

Bloody Great Course Guarantee

Did I tell you about the 100% satisfaction guarantee?

I’m 120% committed to making this program bloody epic for you, and I’m so confident you’ll love it, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If the course isn’t floating your boat, just let us know whats up by email within 30 days from the date you sign up and we’ll refund 100% of your money. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.


Invisible row
How is BGL different from all the other mindfulness stuff out there?
[After working with another mindfulness teacher]: “This experience has highlighted to me what a gem your course was! There are SO MANY PEOPLE in the space teaching mind-transformation and you truly brought the perfect mixture of humility, research, pragmatism and level-headedness to this.” – Dalit, Lawyer

BGLL is an unconventional mind-taming program developed specifically for practical, indecisive, busy people, using a blend of science, storytelling, relatable personal examples, and a fun, easy-to-implement spin on everything I’ve learnt from the world’s best teachers.

There are many mindfulness courses out there, but they can often be 1. Floaty and impractical, 2. Very dry, 3. Taught by confused folks who see themselves as a wise guru and you as the inferior student, or 4. Taught by spiritual masters who talk in high-level concepts that are not particularly relatable.

BGLL is the opposite – practical, fun, down-to-earth and super relatable.

What is Bloody Good Life LIVE?

Bloody Good Life LIVE is a 10 week, unconventional mind-taming program that will give you the tools to tame your mind, drop the insecurities & increase your confidence so you can go after what you want, be less of a snappy trout so that , get clear on your sense of self and your direction, and let go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions so that you can spend more time genuinely enjoying your bloody good life!

What if I don't have time? Can I complete the program at my own pace?

All good, you can do the program in your own time. With the live calls recorded and uploaded to your membership site and lifetime access to the modules you can come back and revisit anytime. Many participants report that they keep coming back to the modules months and even years after the live component of the program finishes and learn something new every time!

Will you be opening the D.I.Y. version again this year?
We currently have no plans to run the D.I.Y version again, BGL LIVE for the win!
How much time do I need to set aside each week?

3- 4 hours per week

  • 45 minutes for the video trainings every week
  • 90 minutes to read the resources, fill in the workbooks, hang out in the private Facebook group, and practice the techniques
  • 60 minutes to join us (or watch the replays of) the live calls every fortnight

We’ve had busy Mums, hectic entrepreneurs and CEOs do this program and they’ve all been able to make time and get massive benefits.

I'm nervous about the group calls. How do they work?

The huge benefit of group coaching is that not only do you learn from getting your own questions answered, but you’ll learn from the stories of everyone else in the group. They’ll ask questions that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to but never thought to ask. We learn best through other’s stories.

If you don’t want to speak in the live calls, you don’t have to, you can email your questions anonymously, type your questions in the chat, and even turn your video off so you can just listen in like a secret squirrel if you like. You’ll find that as others speak and support each other openly and honestly, your courage will grow and you might even find that you love interacting on the group calls!

I was so nervous about the live coaching calls but they quickly became the highlight of my week. It was so helpful to listen to the advice given to other BGLifers as much of it was relevant to me too. It also made me realise that I am not alone in my struggles.” – Natalie, UK

“The group was freaking amazing because you get to see these amazing other people who are being so straight-up honest. I loved knowing and feeling that I wasn’t alone and learning from the stories of others” – Steph, Aus

Can dudes do the program too?

For sure dudes! We love having dudes in the LIVE program with us and have taken many dudes through the Bloody Good Life programs, they’re just less common around these parts because of the way I write. The program is for anyone who’s game to change their life.

Last year we had a 75 year old grandfather/ absolute legend join us – If he can do it, you can!

I'm super busy, do I really have time for this?

“If you think you don’t have time, especially if you put everyone else before yourself, and if you’re a mum, this will help you beyond anything, and it will help you be more effective with your time. Make time for yourself for a change!” – Emma, Teacher, Entrepreneur & busy Mum of 2 young girls.

Changing your life does take time and effort. But if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re in a place where you know it’s time to do what it takes to make a change. The program will require your time to watch the videos, participate in live calls and practice the techniques, though most of these can be integrated into your existing routines and daily life.

If not now, when?

When does the program start?
The program officially kicks off with module 1 released on the 23rd May and our live welcome call the following week. The live program runs until our wrap up celebration on the 1st August. You have lifetime access to the BGLL modules.
I live in the UK/ US/ Timbuktu/ NZ/ 'Straya - Can I still join the live coaching calls?

For sure, this is an international online program with people participating from all over the world via Zoom, a legendary video conferencing software that is free for you and easy to use on your phone or computer. The calls will be held at two times that accommodate as many major time zones as possible.

What if I can't make one of the coaching calls?

You can submit your questions in advance and have them answered live on the call. All live group coaching calls will be recorded so you can watch the video replays at a time convenient for you.

Steph, a former BGL participant, missed 6/8 calls (she watched the replays instead), and still said it was the best self development program she’s ever done and that it completely changed her life.

I already know about mindfulness & I meditate with an app. Is this program still for me?
Mindfulness and meditation are not the same thing, so if you’ve been using an app like Headspace, you’ve dipped your toe in. If you feel like you understand mindfulness but struggle to implement it in your day-to-day life to help you reduce procrastination, make decisions with more ease, and manage your emotional responses, and/or if you haven’t noticed lasting life changes, then BGLL will help you find practical ways to practice that which you already understand conceptually.

We’ve had many BGL participants who were already mindfulness and/or yoga teachers and/or had completed an MBSR course, and they all rave about the BGLL program and say it helped them integrate mindfulness much more effectively and sustainably into their daily lives over so that they could experience lasting changes.

My mind is so busy - I tried meditation & I sucked. Is this program still for me?

Absolutely, almost everyone who does the BGLL program has this perception before we start! The busier your mind, the more effective you’ll find mindfulness. I’ll teach you a new way of looking at it.

The BGL program is NOT focussed on meditation, we primarily explore the life-changing daily mindfulness concepts and techniques that I learnt years before I ever learnt to meditate.

What format is the program in?

The BGLL program will cater to all your senses! All learning styles are included – video, audio, written, practical.

Inside your membership site you’ll get access to:

  • Video training modules
  • Transcripts of the video content
  • Audio (MP3) downloads of all the video trainings (listen on your phone)
  • Online resources including videos, audio, and links to online articles
  • Live group coaching with a bunch of legends (Via Zoom, video conferencing software)
  • Beautifully designed workbooks and diagrams by Bloody Good Chap for you to further explore how the trainings apply in your own life
  • Practical techniques that I’ll talk you through each week that you will practice in your daily life (for those of you who learn by doing!)
How much access do I get to Andrea?

Heaps! I will be available to answer your questions as they arise in the private Facebook group, and for 2 hours every fortnight in the live group coaching calls. I’m here to support you 100%, I want you to get everything out of it you can.

Can't I just learn this all myself by reading 20 books?

Some of the basics of mindfulness, yes, but most of the techniques in BGL are unique to the program, and the life-changing effect comes from the authentic, honest support and accountability you’ll receive from me and the group.

The BGL LIVE program is developed specifically for indecisive busy people, it includes radically honest personal stories and real-life examples that you won’t found taught elsewhere.

Joining BGL LIVE with a supportive group of legends will catapult you forward, hold you accountable and get you kicking goals much faster, and much more enjoyably than trying to work it all out by yourself. You don’t have to do it alone.

Why Andrea?

I’ve coached over 300 people through the Bloody Good Life LIVE program, and I’m a living breathing example of the benefits of implementing mindfulness in your life, from a former self professed pessimist who was bored with life and snappy with her boyfriends, to a positive, passionate, open person who travels the world teaching people about the thing that changed my life.

I’m very honest, and a complete open book for those in my programs, I put 120% into the BGL participants. Getting to work with legends like you is the reason I do what I do.

I’m constantly learning from the best in the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and positive psychology by attending conferences, retreats and workshops. I’ve attended live conferences and training retreats with Eckhart Tolle, Dan Siegel, Jack Kornfield, Russ Harris, and Dr Craig Hassed, to name a few. You’ll see as soon as you join me on the live call how passionate I am about these amazing tools for self development.

Project Self - Andrea Featherstone - Bloody Good Life 101 - Mindfulness - Life Coaching - headshot - client testimonial - Rachel Powell

Andrea is the most genuine, caring, and open person it has been my pleasure to connect and work with. One thing that struck me from the beginning is her integrity and also bravery at being honest that she is a human being and not a fictional persona created simply to sell a course. It’s also very clear that Andrea is well read in her field and will signpost you to relevant articles and resources that provide you with the WHY and HOW.” – Rachel, UK

Project Self - Andrea Featherstone - Bloody Good Life 101 - Mindfulness - Life Coaching - headshot - client testimonial - Paula Macris

“I really liked the fact that Andrea was able to convey complex things like ‘mindfulness’ in a very relatable way, she takes it in manageable steps which makes it much easier to understand.” – Paula, NZ

How do I sign up?

Click “sign me up” above or below. You can choose to pay in full (with a discount), or on a 6 month payment plan, and use PayPal, debit, or credit card (we use Stripe to securely process credit cart payments) You can choose to pay in AUD, GBP, NZD or USD.

The minute your payment is confirmed you’ll be emailed a receipt and a welcome email and your new login details for our private membership site where you’ll instantly get access to the intro module. The program officially kicks off with module 1 released on the 23rd May and our live group welcome call the following week.

What's the investment again? Do you have payment plans?

587 USD paid in full (get a 15% discount) or you can sign up on a payment plan, 114 USD per month for 6 months.

If you sign up before midnight Tuesday 15th May you’ll save $100 and pay only 487 USD!

You can choose to pay in AUD, GBP, NZD or USD.

That’s 59 USD per week. For the cost of a nice dinner out you get a gym membership for your mind for the rest of your life!

“How many holidays, clothes, drinks out, adventures, exercise, haircuts (etc), do you spend money on to make your life and self better? And how much have you ever spent on your mind? It’s a no brainer.” – Karen, UK

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If the program is just not floating your boat in the first 30 days from your date of purchase, just let us know why and we will refund your money in full. Full info on our refund policy here.

If you complete all aspects of the program and practice the techniques, I’m 100% confident you’ll notice a massive shift in your life and perspective.

Can I trial the program?

Take the leap! I’m 120% committed to making this program bloody epic for you, and I’m confident you’ll love it. Give it a shot and if the program isn’t floating your boat, you have 30 days from the date you sign up to email us for a full refund. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Check out our refund policy here.

Should I join Bloody Good Life LIVE?

Yes. Though of course I’m biased. If you’re unsure, listen to your gut instinct, it always knows best, if you feel excited but nervous – you’re on the right track! If you can’t tune into your gut instinct anymore, BGLL will help you get it back!

But wait… Is this you?

  • Life’s worries? No worries mate, they’re like water off a duck’s back.
  • I have charisma in buckets. Babes walk 500 miles to fall down at my feet.
  • I’ve got the Dalai Lama on speed dial.
  • I’m grateful for everything. I love the fact that I have 2 ply toilet paper, and I write about it in my gratitude journal most nights.
  • I give zero fucks about what anyone thinks of me. Handstand in a supermarket? Yes, I think I will.
  • Meditation? My life is meditation.
  • Will-Power is my middle name.

… Then this is not the program for you. Maybe you could coach me?

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/phone/carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
587 USD  487 USD
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)


6 payments of
114 USD  97 USD/month
(Earlybirds save $100 for 48 hours only!)

Sign up for a Bloody Good Life today


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer/ phone/ carrier pigeon NOW!


For a 15% discount
$587 USD
760 AUD/ 797 NZD/ 418 GBP


6 monthly payments of
$114 USD
149 AUD/ 157 NZD/ 79 GBP

Sheesh, I know – that’s a A-HECK-OVA-LOT to take in…

I get that it can be damn confusing trying to make a decision about an online course, especially when you’re an indecisive ninja.

But, if you’re completely over feeling stuck and you’re excited to see yourself:

  • Letting go of all the negativity and self doubt in your mind so you can feel some peace up in your noggin;
  • High fiving your way into Monday mornings even before your first coffee (metaphorically, obviously), and;
  • Gaining the confidence and clarity to say HELL YES I know what I’m doing with my life…

I wholeheartedly (and gut-instinct-ly) believe that Bloody Good Life LIVE will be the turning point you’ve been waiting for (+ a few bucketloads of unexpected awesomeness on top of that.)

My best advice is to go with your gut instinct – if you feel excited and a bit scared, you’re on the right track.

I’m here to support you all the way.

You rock like a sock,