Yoga isn’t about your body

Yoga isn’t about your body

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This morning I went for a run on the beach and ended up teaching yoga to a couple of enthusiastic little girls.

They ran over while I was upside down and asked if they could join in, so we did yoga together on the sand. Neither of them could touch their toes… I assured them that not long ago, I couldn’t either.

I started doing yoga because I read Eat Pray Love and I wanted to be that chick.

> Then I was pissed that I couldn’t touch my toes, so I persevered,

even though the teacher’s cosmos-commentary pissed me off.

> Then I had a really sore back and yoga was the only thing that helped take away the pain.

> Then I realised that when I didn’t do yoga for a while I became more irritable and stressed out.

> Then I worked on the superyacht of a billionaire who had a whole deck of the boat dedicated to a yoga room, plus two private teachers – and I thought, well, shit,

if an incredibly intelligent billionaire is this crazy about yoga, there must be something in it.

> Then I enlisted the help of my incredibly talented yoga-teaching colleague to teach me to do a headstand on a swaying yacht.

> Then I headed off to a few yoga-surf retreats in Sweden and Nicaragua, and life became extra bloody good.

I finally concluded that there was a pattern in all this bloody goodness.

Yoga was the common denominator.

So I decided to do a bit of research into it.

It turns out that yoga is not about your body. It’s about your mind.

I wrote an article about it here: What has Yoga got to do with a Bloody Good Life?

Project Self - Yoga Isnt About Your Body - mindfulness

Recently I did a 6 week yoga challenge, (yoga everyday for 6 weeks) and I found that my life just got uncontrollably awesome.

The bloody goodness was at an all time high.

And I got extra bendy.

Then I took a break from it for a couple of weeks, and in crept the anxiety and stress.

So I’m back on the yoga band-wagon again, and all is well again!

Many of my clients tell me that yoga is too ‘slow’ for them,

they want to sweat; to feel like they’ve really done something.

I tell them that yoga is exercise for the mind, not the body.

{Though I’ll have you know, some yoga is bloody hard work! I’ve taken along a few bicepy gym-junkie mates and they’ve struggled with how physically demanding it is. Just to shake the stereotype}

– Side note – there are many different types of yoga; hot, cold, peaceful, or bloody difficult – if you haven’t found one you liked, keep looking!

If you look at it that way, it’s much more appealing to the cross-fitting HIIT-ers among you.

It need not replace your preferred form of exercise — It’s all about exercising your mind.

So if you’re looking for away to make your mind chill out a bit – yoga is your man.

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