Indecisive? Unclear?

Feel a bit like you've lost yourself?

Is this you?

  • My mind just won’t shut up. I can’t switch it off.
  • When I stop doing things I can feel a background anxiety, like something isn’t quite right. So I leap up to sweep the deck.
  • No matter what I achieve, how many babes I score, how many promotions I get, how many Snickers bars I don’t eat, how many places I travel to, I still feel a bit unsatisfied.
  • I get bored easily. I fill my life with things, but nothing gives me lasting satisfaction.
  • I can’t help but feel that I’m missing something.
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m just going through the motions.
  • I don’t feel as light and fun as I used to.
  • Life looks good from the outside. Technically, I should be bloody happy. But there’s always a but.
  • Hell yes I want a bloody good life. Who doesn’t want a bloody good life?

Your ideal life seems to be perpetually in the future,

but you'd kind of like to have it now.

If you nodded at any of the above, check this out...


1:1 Mind-taming coaching

A 4 month coaching program for indecisive busy people

If you're ready to get unstuck

& start creating a life fit for a bloody legend,
you're in the right place!

4 Months | 1:1 Coaching


Practical mindfulness training with 1-1 mentoring and full support from Andrea. For legends who are serious about changing their lives and really want to get stuck in and be sure they'll follow through.

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It's all about taming
that chap in your head.

Some call it mindfulness. I call it living a Bloody Good Life.

Without it, you'll never be satisfied with what you have, you'll always want more, and it will always seem like something is missing.

With the BGL mind taming tricks, anything is possible.

Hey, I'm Andrea

I’m a living example of the benefits of implementing mindfulness in your life, from a former self-professed pessimist who was bored with life, unsure about my career, and a snappy trout with her boyfriends, to a positive, passionate, open person who travels the world teaching people about the thing that changed my life.

Having done over 500 hours coaching and training women and men all over the world (from NZ to Denmark to Malawi and the UAE) through my very own version of more-relatable-than-average mindfulness, AKA, Bloody Good Life 101, I know for sure that this stuff that changed my life changes everyone else's lives too.

I’m incredibly honest, and a complete open book for those in my programs, I put 120% into everyone that works with me. Getting to work with legends like you is the reason I do what I do.

Rachel, Business Consultant, UK
Andrea is the most genuine, caring, and open person it has been my pleasure to connect and work with.

One thing that struck me from the beginning is her integrity and also bravery at being honest that she is a human being and not a fictional persona created simply to sell a course.

It’s also very clear that Andrea is well read in her field and will signpost you to relevant articles and resources that provide you with the WHY and HOW.

Rachel, Business Consultant, UK

Paula, Operations Analyst, NZ
Andrea is an incredible woman who is extremely relatable, insightful, genuine, inspiring, and just a cool person in general.

I really liked the fact that Andrea was able to convey complex things like ‘mindfulness’ in a very relatable way, she takes it in manageable steps which makes it much easier to understand. I loved that she explained the physiology behind things which helps put it into perspective and makes the tools easier to understand and utilise.

Paula, Operations Analyst, NZ

Mark, CEO, Melbourne
This truly has been a life changing experience for me and I’d recommend it to anyone!

I knew I was totally missing something. It didn’t matter how many things I ticked off my lists, I still wasn’t loving life. Nobody wants to hear their successful business owner mate who has everything complaining about how hard life is.

My sessions with Andrea were like having a really cool mate that knows heaps of shit about stuff no-one talks about! Everything that Andrea has shown me would be a benefit every person I know.

After BGL101 I’m an improved version of myself, I’m a happier person!

Mark, CEO, Melbourne

Kristin, Real Estate Agent, NZ
After doing BGL 101 I am like a completely different person!

When I stop and look at how far I have come, it really amazes me.

I have gone from a sometimes irrational, snappy bitch who would pretty much lose it at the slightest thing; to a much more positive, confident and calm person. I have started looking at life differently.

Andrea is a BLOODY legend and an incredible person with a talent for what she does. I am SO glad that I made the decision to do BGL 101! Andrea has helped me to completely change my life for the better!

Kristin, Real Estate Agent, NZ

Michelle, Doctor, Brisbane
BGL 101 totally turned my life around. It was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my life.

Before BGL 101, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that my life was a struggle in most aspects – work, home, relationships and within myself.

Now my life has done a complete 180 degree turn! I have a completely different outlook and there is so much more ease and joy in my life.

Andrea is inspiring! She’s easy to talk to, honest, and calls things how she sees it. No bullshit!

Bloody Good Life 101 will change your life for the better in so many ways (that you might not have even thought of!).

Michelle, Doctor, Brisbane

Fi, Marketing Manager, UK
Don’t wait to get in touch with Andrea, she’ll honestly change your life!

I was supposed to be living the dream in London with great flat, great boyfriend, travelling every second weekend, fantastic job and fun loving friends. But for some reason I was exhausted, never energised, stressed, going from task to task. I had a mind that never stopped and I just wasn’t happy.

Every session has been so valuable and I always came away so energised with oodles of new techniques and simple exercises which have helped me so much.

Since BGL101, I am visibly less stressed, much calmer & have learnt to appreciate so many more things in life. M y creativity has improved, and my task swapping. My boyfriend says I am now happier and smiley-er!

Fi, Marketing Manager, UK

How we feel about ourselves, the joy we get from living, ultimately depend directly on how the mind filters and interprets everyday experiences

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Paula, Operations Manager, NZ
BGL 101 totally changed my life, it is 100% the best decision I’ve ever made!

Before BGL101 I had been dealing with a painful sense of loneliness and was at times verging on suicidal and depressed.

Now, I'm no longer struggling with loneliness, I’m so much more calm and balanced in my moods and I can see now how much more positive I am. From the first chat I had with Andrea I regained the hope I'd lost.

Since starting the course my life / attitude/ relationships/ confidence/ all of the above has totally changed! I can deal with my emotions so much easier now and feel like I understand, recognise and accept them instead of being driven by them (which no one ever taught me how to do before, I didn’t even know it was an option!!)

Paula, Operations Manager, NZ

Arielle, College Student, USA
Andrea honestly changed the way I live my life on a daily basis.

I chose to work with Andrea because I was constantly feeling let down, disorganized and indecisive about almost everything in my life. I was scared of taking any risk or facing my fears and I desperately wanted to change this.

I began taking more risks, seizing each day, and breathing more easily. I loved working with Andrea over Skype, it was always the highlight of my day.

Every time I was done talking to her I felt like I could conquer the world!

Arielle, College Student, USA

Darren, Enterprise Architect, NZ
Thanks to BGL101, my life has completely U turned in 6 months!

I was teetering on the edge of despair, a self-inflicted disaster. I had completely lost my way in life, I was frustrated, negative and pessimistic.

I now think I am quite a likeable fella again and someone who can achieve his dreams. I believe in myself. My whole world has changed!

Be prepared to take your life to a new level!

Darren, Enterprise Architect, NZ

Erin, Copywriter, NZ
I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and feel life is way, way more bloody good.

Andrea is an absolute gem. Genuine, intuitive, intelligent, a straight-talker, inspirational, honest, a wise oracle, the type of person that the world needs more of.

I felt quite unsure of myself when I signed up for BGL101 and I am SO, so glad that I did. I now enjoy my own company a lot more. I'm heaps more patient and find joy in small things.

Andrea has opened the way I think about my emotions and helped to bring me increased inner-peace. I have changed a lot over the last few months since doing BGL101.

Andrea! I’m so, so glad that I finally dared myself to book that discovery session. You’re really fucking good at what you do!

Erin, Copywriter, NZ

4 Months | 1:1 Coaching


Practical mindfulness training with 1-1 mentoring and full support from Andrea. For legends who are serious about changing their lives and really want to get stuck in and be sure they'll follow through.

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Tennille, Project Manager, UK
Since BGL101 my life has changed dramatically. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Before the program I was unable to socialise freely, always feeling like I needed to be someone else.

Andrea is open, caring, knowledgeable, and on point. Now I have the insight on how to live a great life! BGL is life changing!

My attitude to life is a lot more accepting and open to the good and the bad. I’m able to enjoy more of the small things in life. My decision making ability has improved and I’m able to chose the people I spend time with and the activities I do.

Tennille, Project Manager, UK

Rebecca, Criminal Legal Secretary, NSW
BGL 101 is bloody life changing!

I was struggling to handle my emotions, was a bit all over the place and could be a bit of a nightmare to be around before mindfulness.

Now, my mind doesn’t scare me anywhere near as much, and my life and relationships are 10 times better because of it, especially my relationship with my partner.

I felt confident that Andrea really knew her shit – she’s obviously dedicated a lot of time and effort into learning from the best.

It was worth every cent to me. Not only did I learn how to understand my crazy mind Nancy – I uncovered my passion for writing and mindfulness!

Rebecca, Criminal Legal Secretary, NSW

Rochelle, Photographer, NZ
BGL 101 is amazing, life changing and something everyone should do!

I have always struggled to believe in myself and my abilities. I felt like a hamster on a wheel and knew something wasn't quite right. I wanted to feel alive again.

Andrea made me so comfortable on that first phone call and along with her honest blog posts I knew she was someone I could work with. Andrea is honest, real, someone I could relate to, easy to talk to and completely non–judgmental.

Now, I don’t get stressed out by a long to-do list, I don’t have as much negative chatter from my mind and when I do I can deal with it, it’s no longer a barrier to my success and happiness.

Rochelle, Photographer, NZ

4 Months | 1:1 Coaching


Practical mindfulness training with 1-1 mentoring and full support from Andrea. For legends who are serious about changing their lives and really want to get stuck in and be sure they'll follow through.

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But wait... if this is you:

  • Life’s worries? No worries mate, they’re like water off a duck’s back.
  • I have ample charisma. Babes walk 500 miles to fall down at my feet.
  • I’ve got the Dalai Lama on speed dial
  • I’m grateful for everything. I love the fact that I have 2 ply toilet paper, and I write about it in my gratitude journal most nights.
  • I give zero fucks about what anyone thinks of me. Handstand in a supermarket? Yes, I think I will.
  • My mind is calm as
  • I really like my life exactly the way it is
  • Meditation? My life is meditation.
  • Will-Power is my middle name.