Travel = running away from reality. Do it

Travel = running away from reality. Do it

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If you’ve travelled for any decent length of time, you’ve most likely had it suggested that you’re ‘running away from reality’.

And it’s true, you are.

The implication is that you’re a naughty child having too much fun, when you should be working away in a serious life like everyone else.

But you know what?

Running away from reality is damn important for living a bloody good life.

It allows you the space and perspective to decide – is my reality what I really want? Or am I living my life this way because everyone else in my reality is too?

Travel helps to solidify who you are and what you want, away from the biases of your home environment and upbringing. It gives you back your own opinion.

You then have the chance come back and CREATE the reality you actually want.

It doesn’t necessitate a radical life change (though it did for me), it might just make you appreciate how much you love the life you’ve got. Or it might inspire you to make a few tweaks to your everyday life.

Without travel, I would not have had the perspective nor the courage to step out of a life I didn’t love, and into one that I really bloody do!

Travel started me on my ‘Project Self’ journey.



Image credit: me!

Wherever and however you grew up, you’ll inevitably have been around a whole lot of biases. Everyone has an idea of what everyone else should do with their life, based on all sorts of culturally defined ideas and ingrained traditions. It’s really hard to see it clearly until you step right away for a decent length of time.

If you don’t give yourself that space, you risk ending up at 50 looking back and thinking –

how the hell did I just spend 30 years doing something I never really wanted to?

So if you haven’t travelled yet – do whatever it takes – and if you have – remind yourself of the lessons you learnt, and don’t hesitate to travel again when you can. It’s easy to slip back into old habits when you’ve been living in ‘real’ life for some time. Sometimes you just need to shake things up to remind yourself what’s important.

You needn’t travel the world to gain perspective. Even just living in another city could be enough to open your mind to different possibilities for your bloody good life. Even weekends away in a hostel a few hours from your home could do the trick if grand travel plans are not realistic for you.

What it comes down to is change of scenery, environment, and people.

There are many ways you can bring changes into your every day life too, but more on that another day.



  • Todd

    17yrs travelling/living outside of my original country, I couldn’t agree more! ENJOY

    • Admin

      17 years, you’ve got a few years on me… that’s awesome! Where are your favourite places so far?!

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  • Ash Sonter

    Yesterday was the first time i found the guts to tell my boss i want to take a year off to travel. She said its a big decision and to consider my choice carefully but in the end she totally gets it. Today i found your blog. This post has got me by the heart strings. Please teach me your ways..

    • Wow that’s amazing Ash, how exciting!! Sounds like you’ve already considered your choice careful and come up with the best answer ever! At the end of your life you will not look back and wish you stayed at work one more year rather than travel! Where do you want to go?

      • Ash Sonter

        Umm EVERYWHERE?

        No, this trip was born from wanting to take my little sister to Rome (somewhere she’s always wanted to go but as yet doesn’t have a passport) and has grown into greece, italy and paris with her, then backpack the edge of the earth in norway all the way south to munich, live in the uk for a bit, squeeze in anything else european i can and maybe scoot through china and bali on my way home..

        Its weird, ive never really had a desire to go to Europe at all and now planning one month with the sister has spawned into just rediculous (but personally well timed) longer term plans..

        • That all sounds epic!! Good on you, you’ll have an amazing time. I started out travelling Europe until I got my travel legs and loved it, so much to see! Have fun!

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