How Santa and Tinder combined forces this Bloody Good Christmas

How Santa and Tinder combined forces this Bloody Good Christmas

A year ago I couldn’t stop checking my phone long enough to enjoy the Christmas festivities – a really interesting (and stubbly) country bloke I was chatting to on Tinder had started to cool off before we’d had the chance to meet up. Turns out he’d met someone else – in real life!

Only a few months before that I was crying on my brother’s shoulder after being broken up with by a guy that was terribly wrong for me, crying that yeah, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but I was sure that I was never going to meet someone who was on my wavelength.

I’d been single or in non-serious relationships for 3 years, travelling, working on superyachts, and living in Melbourne.

I didn’t feel that I needed a partner to make me happy anymore,

in fact life was really bloody good. But I was definitely still keen to meet myself a mindfulness + travel obsessed partner in crime to share my bloody good life with.

I also hoped he would be honest, genuine, trustworthy, funny, sexy, kind, down to earth, affectionate, and into meditation and yoga. Preferably with an Irish or Scottish accent. Maybe northern English. Like Mariah Carey, all I wanted for Christmas, was a bloody tall order! (And, yes, he did need to be tall, at least 6”3.) That was all.

Then, just a couple of months later, Santa combined forces with Tinder and my wish was Tinta’s command –

along came Bloody Good Chap!

I swiped right and arranged a coffee the minute he typed out the words “recently been on a Muay Thai/ yoga retreat in the Philippines”. Even though he only had two photos, which would normally be an automatic left swipe.

So, though my mindful, travel obsessed partner in crime doesn’t have an accent from anywhere near the United Kingdom, he surprisingly turns out to be that rare fish in the sea the fits my Very Tall Order from last Christmas, the dude I thought I’d never come across!

I could write a very similar post about this mad dream I had to run my own business that allows me to be location independent while teaching people about the thing I am most passionate about –

the thing that changed my life

setting my own hours and working from anywhere in the world. Part of me (and likely everyone I know) thought I was mad when I traded in an architecture degree for entrepreneurship, but another part of me remembered being told as a wee tot that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

It turns out, anything is possible, even my wildest bloody good dreams! Click To Tweet

So, next time you find yourself crying on the floor thinking that what you want in life isn’t possible, remember –

you never know what’s around the corner.

Always aim for your wildest of bloody good dreams. But don’t just place your order with Santa – practice facing your fears, go out there and do what it takes and make your bloody good life a reality. Don’t stop until you get what you want, no matter how many obstacles and setbacks you will undoubtedly face along the way. Because if you do,

you never know what Santa will have in store for you by the time next Christmas rolls around. Click To Tweet

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Andrea, Bloody Good Chap, and the Project Self team who I couldn’t do without – Crystal, Tash and Delaney.

And thank you for all your messages and comments of support and encouragement this year!

You guys rock my socks.

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