Jemma, Bookshop assistant, NZ

Jemma, Bookshop assistant, NZ


I’ve come from a history of OCD thoughts, fear and anxiety and BGL has really helped me distance myself from my thoughts, maintain a clearer and less reactive perspective, and become more confident. It’s SUCH a good course for everyone, I highly recommend it! Andrea’s down to earth, practical and insightful advice is just gold.


The full story:

I was really struggling with obsessive compulsive thoughts, fear, anxiety and painful feelings. I was also suffering from a dysfunctional relationship with my husband.

I chose Bloody Good Life because I was already being encouraged and inspired by Andrea’s Project Self posts and had heard about the benefits of mindfulness. It looked like a great opportunity, and it came at just the right time for me too.

I have noticed a gradual building of inner strength and confidence, a caring for myself.

I have also noticed that my OCD thoughts are a lot less frequent than they used to be, and I’m able to sit through the sensations of difficult and painful emotions more now, whereas before I would just react. It has helped me to simply be aware of what is going on in my mind, emotions and body and how to observe without judgement. I am less harsh and more accepting of myself (and others) too. I feel more peace than I did before and while I still struggle with some anxiety and painful feelings, I am not so much being ruled by them.

I enjoyed the modules and also the opportunity to chat in a group, have live calls and be vulnerable and open in the facebook group. I also really enjoyed the online training videos and found them really valuable.

I loved Andrea’s down to earth, accessible style and practical, wise advice that is so relatable.

I also liked how she would use allegories/metaphors/visual examples to help illustrate what she was talking about.

The group of awesome humans were so wonderful. I loved the honesty and transparency everyone expressed, as well as supporting and affirming one another.

The Facebook Group  was such a good idea, and now we are able to continue to keep in touch even after module is finished! Andreas support in the facebook group so good. She was prompt at replying and her answers were always well thought out and considered – thankyou!

The Live group coaching calls were such a wonderful opportunity to be open, raw and honest, while feeling in the same boat as other people.

We were also given the opportunity to encourage each other and learn from Andrea too. Thank you for this!

The workbooks and module resources were GREAT! I loved having these. I know they are something I will look forward to coming back to in the future.

Having come from a history of OCD thoughts, fear and anxiety, BGL has really helped me distance myself from my thoughts, maintain a clearer and less reactive perspective, and become more confident in myself, as well as more accepting of myself and others. I am less ruled by my emotions now and am able to sit through difficult and painful feelings whereas before I would just try to avoid them.

Andrea’s down to earth, practical and insightful advice is just gold.

This is SUCH a good course for anyone, I highly recommend it!


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